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Hi Year 5, 

Please find this week's Home Learning Activities below. 


Sunday 5th July 2020

Hello Year 5, 

It was so lovely to see so many of you at school last Thursday and Friday and we are really looking forward to seeing more of you on Monday and Tuesday. For those of you who have been unable to return just yet, we can't wait to see you in September, but for now, we will provide you with more home learning packs to keep you busy at home. The packs for the next three weeks will be prepared by your Year 6 teachers, Mr McGill, Mrs Quinton and Mrs Chaudry. You will notice that the format is slightly different, with more of a focus on PSHE, transition and topic work. These packs will be available for collection as usual every Monday morning between   10 am and 12 pm. Please note, if your child is coming into school you do not need to collect a pack as they will be given one to bring home. 

Have a good week!

Hello and welcome to Year 5!

5 Dingo- Miss Morgan,  5 Koala - Mrs Czapla,  5 Platypus- Mrs Pankhania

Time To Say GOODBYE sadheart


Although our year was cut short I’m so proud of how you did grow.

I will miss…

your stories, your jokes, your laughter, your smiles, your kindness, your out-of-the-box thinking, your willingness to try, your thoughtful questions, your desire to be the best you can be, your curious mind, I will miss

                                                                   …. You

Good Luck in Year 6. You’ll be brilliant!!!

With Love,                                                                

Mrs Czapla


Goodbye 5Koala.mp4

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Dear 5 Dingo,

I want to thank you for being such a phenomenal first class for me, although our time together was cut short, we have lots of memories to remind us of our fantastic year.

I enjoyed every single day in class with you all.

I will miss your smiles, your stories and each and every one of YOU!

Good Luck in Year 6, I know you will be fantastic.

Remember to try your best and to believe in yourself!

With Love

Miss Morgan

Goodbye message Miss Morgan.mp4

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Dear Platypus Class.


Thank you for all of the hard work and fun that we had in the short year that we were together.

No-one could have ever imagined that the year would end like this.

Strange endings but exciting times lay ahead…year 6…last year of Primary School…new teachers…new learning…new interests and pursuits.

I cannot wait to hear all about the last few weeks of Y5…(or beginning of Year 6). I will be asking of how you super sensible and hard working you have been and also how much fun you are having!


Ms Pankhania

Goodbye from Ms Pankhania.mp4

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Hello Year 5!

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Hello Year 5!

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Hello Year 5

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Hello Year 5

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Dear Year 5,

This will be the final home learning pack from the Year 5 Teachers, after this your new Year 6 team will be setting the projects for July. 


It is not the end to Year 5 that any of us expected. We are deeply saddened that we could not teach you for the full school year but without a doubt we are so proud of how you have all continued to learn and engage in the activities set.


You have been such a special year group, so motivated, so keen to learn and grow and so respectful of all the adults and children in the year group. We thank you for this and ask that you continue to demonstrate these fantastic attributes throughout life.


Reach for the stars!

Dream, Believe, Achieve!


Have a wonderful summer, continue to send emails if you wish to and we will see you around school very soon!


Enjoy the activities and stay safe, from the Year 5 team

Mrs Czapla, Miss Morgan and  Mrs Pankhania

Homework email address

We will miss you!


Home Learning Packs in July


Group B children will be given home learning packs on Thursdays to take home (starting this Thursday 2nd July) so you do NOT need to collect anything on a Monday from now on.


Group A children will be given home learning packs on Mondays (starting Monday 6th July).


Children NOT returning in July should continue to collect home learning packs on Mondays and work will also be uploaded to the website as before.


Good Morning Year 5,


We hope that all the Dads had a lovely Fathers Day!

Please see below for your learning activities for the week commencing Monday 22nd June. 


We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been sending in your work. It has been a delight to see what you have been up to. We have a growing gallery of photographs from children, check out the Gallery page!


Please continue to submit work to your class teacher by THURSDAY so we can then count up the house point rewards for sharing on our website (Gallery/ Ryvers Houses) FRIDAY. There will be a reward of 10 house points for completing the task. See the Home Learning Note for details.  It would be a good idea to get this task done earlier in the week so you meet the Thursday hand in and get your house points!


We have also included information about this year’s summer reading challenge, Silly Squad, is a celebration of fun, happiness and laughter with a focus on funny books. Children aged 4+ can chuckle their way through the summer, but this year the challenge will be completely online! You will be able sign up online and set your own challenge goals on the Reading Agency's Silly Squad website 

It would be great to see lots of you involved.


The Year 5 teachers.



New challenge on TimesTablesRockstars - 5P can battle it out with players from 5D - don't worry if you are in 5K - your turn will come next week - go into the battles section to find out more!

Everyone should be logging on to MyMaths and TTRS 

Those with a Nessy login, please make sure you are logging on. 

Letter Going Home - Monday 15th June 2020

Reminder - Free School Meals Letter

Hi Year 5!

It is Monday again! Hope you and your families are all well.


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about sports and games. Learning may focus on the history of sport, sporting-heroes, physical challenges and performance.


Once again, thank you to all of you who have been trying your best to keep working during these unusual times. We have heard from some of you that it is beginning to get difficult. It is absolutely okay to have an 'off' day, that is fine, but then you must try to pick yourself up and be motivated to complete some of the activities set. You can do it! yes

Try your best to complete activities, even if it is not on the day stated in the pack and as always please send you English and any topic work in to the email address for Year 5 -


We always look forward to receiving your work and as always add house points to your house. (Submit homework by Thursday to allow for house-points to be collated for Friday)


EVERYONE should be logging on to MyMaths and TTRockstars.

All children with Nessy logins please make sure you are logging on. 

J.K. Rowling surprised everyone by announcing a new book -and then publishing the first chapters on a new website.

J.K. Rowling is inviting you to help illustrate The Ickabog for her. Every day when chapters of the story are uploaded, she will be making suggestions for what you might like to draw or paint to illustrate the story as it goes along. You should let your imagination run wild!

The best bit is, if you are between seven and twelve years old, your parent or guardian on your behalf can enter your drawings or paintings into the official competition being run by J.K. Rowling’s publishers, for a once in a lifetime chance to be featured in The Ickabog book, which is published in November. The competition is now open in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, the US and Canada, and will be extended to other countries very soon.

Check details on

Visit The Arts and the PSHE Curriculum areas this week (Look under 'Key Information').

June 5th is World Environment Day    smiley   



Celebrate and follow the links above!

Free School Meal letter - 1st June 2020

While We Can't Hug

Ryvers Value Friendship


Draw a comic strip showing the life of a water droplet as it journeys through the water cycle.
You must include the following vocabulary terms:

• evaporation
• condensation
• precipitation
• water vapour
• water cycle

Your comic must be colourful, neat and imaginative. We have enclosed a comic strip template if you wish to use it, but we are very happy for you to use your own style too.


RAIN IN A BAG – Water Cycle Bag
You will need - Sealable bag, pen/marker, water, blue food coloring (Optional)


How To Make a Water Cycle Bag

Take your bag and draw a cloud and sun at the top. Then draw some lines to represent water towards the bottom of the bag, about an inch high. Fill your bag with water up to the water line you drew. You can now add a couple of drops of blue food colouring. It makes the water easier to see.
Seal up the bag well and tape it to a sunny window. Now you wait. It takes a little time for the water to evaporate, but you can check back on it throughout the day and see the different parts of the cycle.
Can you label the processes of the water cycle?

Check out this video (link below) to learn how mountains form, and how mountains can keep growing!

Where Do Mountains Come From? | Geology for Kids

Topic lesson Year 5

All About Volcanoes: How They Form, Eruptions & More!

Have a safe and enjoyable half term
The Year 5 Teamsmiley

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend!

The learning activities for the week commencing Monday 18th May are below.  

If you are unable to print these documents, you can come to school on Monday morning between 10am and 12pm to collect a pack from the bike rack outside the Year 3 building.


To read 'First News', an interesting newspaper written especially for children, click on the pdf link below.  You will also find a reading comprehension, quiz and puzzles based on four stories from this latest edition. This link and the resources will be updated weekly.


Please email us at to share any of your learning activities with us, share some exciting activities you have done or just to say hello!  

We miss you and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Take care and stay safe smiley

Please remember to log on to MyMaths and TTRockstars! 

Those of you who have a Nessy log-in should also be logging into this too!

Art Therapy Activities to do at home 😊

smileyBecome an Active Mover AMbassador

at Ryvers Schoolsmiley

Y5 Shining Stars 08/05/2020

Miss Morgan’s Shining Star this week is Daisha who is in Kingsley and received 40 house points! This is for putting extra effort into all of her work at home and for making Miss Morgan smile!  Here is her poem she wrote about Summer:


From 5 Platypus, Mrs Pankhania has chosen Shewan as this week's Shining Star, for continuing with his passion for reading at home. 

From 5 Koala, Mrs Czapla has chosen Louise - for her amazing effort with her home learning, trying new skills and taking the time and resilience to improve her work. She has been doing a wide range of activities, including Art, craft, baking, practising Maths, reading and learning new words. Superb!

A special shout out       also goes to Vedant, Sanjana, Luv, Kush, Kashvi, Iman,  Ibrahim, Lakeisha, Zara, and Emmanuel for sending in pictures of their creative writing, Maths tasks, book covers and book reviews, artwork, baking and PE activities. They have each earned 10 points (for each task)  for their houses and their pictures will be appearing in the Year 5 gallery.

Wishing all children who have birthdays in May and June a...



      We hope that you enjoy your special day!


Danielle, Anwesha, Chahel, Jasmine, Afan,

Louise, Timotei, Vrishti, Alex W

We thought you might like to see what your teachers have been doing during lockdown. 


Mrs Czapla has been keeping active and healthy at home by following Joe Wicks' live P.E lessons. 
Miss Morgan and her Dad have been keeping busy, looking after all their horses. 

This term we are focusing on understaning the importance of FRIENSHIP. Frienship involves:

  • Caring for each other
  • Sharing ideas
  • Respecting each other
  • Having fun.

But how to keep in touch with family and friends during lockdown?

Although you might be very far away from those that you love, remember there is always a way that you can touch their heart.

So, today…tomorrow...this week… find a new way to keep in touch despite being apart.

Why don’t you make them a video/card/picture? Or, you can give them a ring. We are sure it’ll make their day, and make you feel much better too.

This week's English activities are slightly different. All your reading and writing activities are in a Talk4Writing booklet which you need to work through over the course of the 2 weeks, ending in a final piece of writing which you need to email to us at


Thank you for all your work that you've handed in.  Please make a hard copy folder at home to store all of your work so that we can see it when we return to school.  It will be a memory folder.  Put any thoughts, photos etc... into your folder. 

The new week’s work is up and running on Ryvers website!  Please complete as much as you are able.  If you do alternative learning - that's fine too!  Tell us what you've been up to! 


Here is the link to this week's First News:


Take care and email if you have any queries, want to tell us something you've been doing or would like us to call you.

Mrs Czapla, Miss Morgan and Mrs Pankhania

Well done  to all of you who have written and returned more news reports, shape poems, stories, project writing tasks and book reviews.

From 5 Koala Mrs Czapla has nominated Gabriel  as a SHINING STAR  for completing all homework set, writing and recording not one, but three poems and  using watercolours to make his presentation even better. Well done and keep up the good work!

From 5 Platypus, Danielle is our SHINING STAR! A huge well done for your work on your time capsule and the resilience shown in other areas of work!

Well done and keep up the good work! 


From 5 Dingo Miss Morgan has nominated Aadil as a SHINING STAR for completing all work set and creating a fabulous shape poem about volcanoes. 


A special shout out       also goes to Vedant, Hamnah, Ali, Manreet, Sam, Iman,  David, Sarah, Hashir, Rudra, and Walaa for sending in pictures of their creative writing, Maths tasks, artwork and science activities. They have each earned 10 points (for each task)  for their houses and their pictures will be appearing in the Year 5 gallery.

Well done to the following children who have all earned 50 house points for their brilliant effort  and completed all tasks (no overdue work) on MyMaths work: 

Dishika, Sam B, Shewan, Rudra, Maciej, Rohit, Vedant, Mihika, Aadil, Luv, Avanya, Veer, Zara, Avni and Lucas.

New challenges are coming soon!


Also, well done to Danielle, Winny, Lousie, David M, Anmol, Emmanuel, Ibrahim and Alex W for their effort on MyMaths. Everyone, keep persevering!

First News -  a fun and informative children's newspaper. To access the first edition, please use the link below. Happy reading!

Dear Year 5

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Thank you for all the kind messages you have been sending to teachers, we really appreciate them!  These are unprecedented times and, like you, we are doing our very best to find a way through.  It is, without any doubt, essential that we follow the Government’s guidelines and stay at home wherever possible.  Please don’t take any risks and stay at home.

Thank you to all the families who have been sending us examples of the things the children have been doing at home.  We are delighted that so many of you are taking this opportunity to learn new skills and we would encourage you to try new things during this lockdown.  Gardening, cooking and craft activities are just as important as Maths and English.


Please see below your learning activities for the week commencing Monday 27th April.  If you are unable to print these documents, you can come to school on Monday morning between 10am and 12pm to collect a pack from the covered area outside Year3.


This week you have been given a knowledge organiser for our Science topic ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. A knowledge organiser is a two-pages document that has all the key learning for that topic. Read, revise and quiz (page 2) yourself. You may want to research some concepts further, for instance you can explain metamorphosis and give examples.


We are always delighted to see what you have been doing so stay in touch via email. We would love to see your work! You can scan or take a photograph of your work, share any of your learning activities with us or just say hello!

Once you have completed your news report about Pompeii please email us at




We miss you all lots! smiley


Best wishes,

Miss Morgan                              Mrs Czapla                           Mrs Pankhania



A few more things happening this week:


  • Reading Challenge (See details below)


  • Tuesday 28th April is National Superhero Day. What would be your superhero name? What super powers would you like to have and why? Email the Year 5 Team, we would love to know! 


  • Friday 1st May is Space DayYou may be inspired to explore this topic further! There is a lovely story called 'Back to Earth with a bump' on the Twinkl website. Free access at the moment. 

BBC Bitesize Daily - Starts Monday 20th April 2020!

Summer Term Learning Project- Coronavirus Time Capsule

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Thank you for all the kind messages you have been sending to teachers, we really appreciate them!  These are unprecedented times and, like you, we are doing our very best to find a way through.  It is, without any doubt, essential that we follow the Government’s guidelines and stay at home wherever possible.  Please don’t take any risks and stay at home.

Remember that you and your child will need time to process what is going on in the world so please take time for yourselves and talk about the events that are unfolding around us.  Reassure each other that it is ok to feel anxious and worried, and talk about how you feel.

Talk together about what time capsules are and how you, as a family, can create your own based on your current situation.

Explain that in the future, people will look back upon this period as a major event in our history. Remember to reassure everyone that this won’t last forever. Point out that your children will be telling their grandchildren about what it was like!

Have fun! J

Supporting reading at home 

Why Do People Live Near Volcanoes? - Viewpoints Learning Project

Summer Reports - Pupils Comments 

In order for your teachers to make a start on your End of the Year/  Summer reports, we need some input from you about how the year has gone for you so far. Please click on the following link



If you open it as a word document and complete it on the computer, that would be the best way to do it. You can contact us via email

  or just drop them off when you come to school to collect your work packs.


Please EVERYONE e-mail this important, completed document back to your teachers as soon as you can.


Thank you!

House Points 

Each week we will be giving out house points every time you send in the writing task that we ask for, complete your MyMaths work or send us any photos of the artwork, cooking and any other creations that you have been working on at home.  We would love to see these and they may even get displayed on our gallery page!

We will display our house point totals every Friday and will send them to Miss Hart who will add them to the whole school totals on the Ryvers home page. 



10 house points goes to these children for their fantastic myths. We really enjoyed reading them. 

Winny, Hafsah, Avni, Mariyah


Well done to the following children who have all earned 10 house points for their brilliant effort with their MyMaths work. 

Hafsah, Yaseen, Amir, Manreet, Taha, Lakeisha, Ava, Sultana, Kush, Maks, Adam, Chahel, Rida, Shiven, Louise, Cameron, Winny, David M, Anmol, Diya, Shewan, Rohit, Vedant, Aadil, Luv, Hashir, Veer, Zara, Avni and Lucas.



Cook   Kingsley  Raleigh

110         100           130


Hello  Year 5,

Well done to those of you have been sending in your myths.  Keep up the good work!

April 3rd would have been the last day of the Spring term so we are going to give you a break from home learning packs (they will be back on Monday, 20th April). However, we have put together some ideas of activities that you might enjoy doing in the holiday. They are not homework and we will not mark them, but if you do choose to have a go at them, then we would love you to email us some photos at  

Have a super Easter and enjoy the better weather that is on its way.


Stay safe and enjoy the holiday. 


Miss Morgan                              Mrs Czapla                           Mrs Pankhania





NHS Learning Project

We have collated some links to websites and resources that will be fun for you to do at home. There are a variety of educational and enjoyable activities for you to choose from. 

We would love to hear from you and see what you are up to at home. 

Please email us any pictures or updates at: 

Week 2 Activities 30.3.20

We hope that you made a good start on the activities set so far. 

This week, continue with your English Myth, practice your growing Maths skills with the task set plus keep using TTRockstars and MyMaths. 

If you are able, please email your myth to as we are eager to read your work!

Parents Top Tips - Engaging your child in reading

Happy Birthday to all of you who have birthdays in March and April: 

Hope, Laylah, Ibrahim, Imogen, Winifred and Ava.

Have a wonderful day!

Spring term in Year 5


Welcome back and we hope you have had a relaxing Christmas break. 


This term our theme is ROTTEN ROMANS ;-). 

During this topic, the children will learn about the key events during the Roman invasion of Britain, adding to their chronological History understanding. They will learn about what life was like in Britain at this time, both for the invaders and the British who already inhabited our country. They will use the knowledge they have gained about Roman Britain to write stories, diaries, reports and newspapers. During Computing lesson they will create very own website and in Art they will make Roman inspired artwork and products.


In Geography we will be learning about VILLAGES AND CITIES. Using examples of Roman settlements as a basis, know the features of and differences between cities and villages; explain why people choose to live in both; use maps and atlases, both physical and digital to locate specific places; know the symbols they use for different physical features; examine how land was used then and now.  In our whole class reading sessions we will be reading and discussing Skellig and History hackers:Roman rescue.  In Science we will be exploring everything about Forces.


In our PSHE lessons with Jigsaw we will be learning about 'Dreams and Goals' and 'Healthy Me'. 



To find out more information about what we will be covering in the Spring term please take a look at our curriculum map at the bottom of this page.  


Key Dates:

First day of term: Tuesday 7th January 2020

Tuesday 14th January 2020- Dingo class First Swimming Lessons Start 10 Week Course

Langley Library visit: Wednesday 29th January 2020

Parents evening: Tuesday 11th February 2020

Last day before half term: Thursday 13th February 2020 (Friday 14th February -  school closed)


Half Term: Friday 14th February - Friday 21st February 2020


First day after half term: Monday 24th February 2020

Thursday 5th March- 5 Platypus Class Assembly

Thursday 26th March - Festival of Lights KS2 assembly

Last day of term: Friday 3rd April 2020

Welcome back! We hope you have had a wonderful summer, and that you are excited about the year ahead! 

Here is what we will be learning about this term:


English: 'Stories from different cultures' ( Dreamtime),  Biography, Poetry,  Report Writing

This term we are covering a range of skills within our English lessons. We will be making links between English and various other areas of the curriculum; such as Topic and PSHE. We will be working on the following units:

  • Poetry
  • Suspense
  • Traditional Stories
  • Explanations
  • Reports
  • Recounts
  • Diary Entry




We will be covering a range of areas with the children within our maths lessons this term:

  • Number
  • Calculation
  • Shape and Space
  • Using and Applying
  • Mental Strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Measurements
  • Data Handling
  • Algebra
  • Statistics


The children will complete an Arithmetic test on a weekly basis to consolidate their learning. They will continue to take Cracking Times Tables tests and it is crucial that they have rapid recall of facts to at least 12 x 12 and also of the related division facts e.g. 144 divided by 12


Topic: Geography-  ' On Opposite Sides of the World- Oceania', History- Victorians

We will be learning about the continents of the world, focusing on Australia in particular. This will encompass aspects of history, art, music, design technology and more…

After half term, the children will learn about Victorian Britain 


Science:Properties and changes of materials, Earth and Space


Art & DT:

We will link our Art to our work on Australia, extending our knowledge and understanding of different art techniques and practical skills in order to create desired outcomes. 

Techniques we will be focusing on are:

  • Drawing– design a tshirt in style of Ken Dove
  • Artwork from around the world – Aboroginal Art, dot painting and Dreamtime stories. 



In RE this term the children will be learning about the importance of Golden Rule in all religions. 

During the second half of the term, we will be looking at Humanism and what the Christian gospels say about the birth of Jesus. 



Each week your child will be given a list of spellings to learn which they will be tested on the following week. They will also receive a piece of English (or Topic) and Maths homework. In addition to this, Numeracy homework will be sometimes set on Mathletics; please log on to the see the work that has been set. 


Thank you for your continued support.


Year 5 Teachers




Important Reminders...

*Homework will be set on a Friday and is due to be returned Wednesday. 


*Children should also bring in their reading books and home-school communication books in with them daily. These will be signed by adults during guided and independent reading activities. 


*Our PE lessons take place on a Tuesday afternoon, alongside computing. We strongly recommend children bringing their PE kit in on a Monday and take it home on a Friday.   Jewellery MUST be removed for PE for Health and Safety. This includes earrings (if your child struggles to remove them, please take them out on PE days if possible.)


*As a school, we are trying to ensure that uniform is of the highest standard. As a result, we will be issuing letters should your child be wearing incorrect uniform. If you have any queries, please see your child's class teacher. 


*All money for school dinners and school trips should now be paid through Parent Pay.


 Key Dates:

First day of term: Thursday 5th September 2019

Tuesday 17th September 2019- Koala class First Swimming Lessons Start 10 Week Course

Last day before half term: Thursday 24th October 2019  (Friday 25th October is a training day)


Half Term: Friday 25th October - Friday 1st November 2019


First day after half term: Monday 4th November 2019

Thursday 14th October - 5 Koala Class Assembly

Last day of term: Friday 20th December 2019

Meet The Teacher Presentation

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