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Step 4 - Gather environmental Curriculum Links






linking Eco-Schools activities to the curriculum ensures that Eco-Schools is truly integrated within the school community.



The Eco-Schools programme has had a profound and positive impact on learning within our school, influencing various aspects of our educational environment. The following are key impacts:

1)    Increased Environmental Awareness
2)    Integrated Learning Across Subjects
3)    Hands-on Learning through Projects
4)    Student Empowerment and Leadership
5)    Positive Attitude and Behavioural Changes



Ryvers School - Science Curriculum Overview 2023-2024


Ryvers School- Eco Curriculum Links


1) Whole school No Electricity Day (Electricity)

2) Whole school No Pen Day (Electricity and Waste)

3) Year 4 Art + Whole School Energy Saving Poster Competition (Energy)

4) Year 3 DT and Art + Whole School Energy Saving Poster Competition  (Waste)

5) Whole School Plastic Count Day (Waste)


The curriculum Link 

No Electricity Day at Ryvers School 


🌿 Eco warriors passionately decided that we needed to have a ‘No Electricity Day’ at Ryvers School. We shared this with our Ryvers school leaders, and they enthusiastically agreed that we could tie in the 'No Electricity Day' with ‘Earth Day’ (22.04.2024). 


The day began with a very special assembly, sparking numerous discussions about this year's theme – 'Planet vs. Plastics'. 


To find out whether we've made any savings today, we'll have to wait until the end of the month for the new bill to arrive. We have recorded both the school electricity meter reading before and after the day.


The feedback from staff members and students was overwhelmingly positive. To cap off this amazing day, the Eco-club gathered to discuss how the day went. What a tremendous day for both us and Mother Nature! 🌍✨


Eco-Schools Topic: Energy 

Energy : No electricity mean we use less electricity, which is good for saving energy.


        Connection to All Curriculum Subjects
we didn't use our photocopier, laptops, lights or interactive whiteboards!  Instead we used paper registers, and had to do our written maths in books, copying from the board! Most of us really enjoyed this as it made a change and saved electricity.


The curriculum Link 2

No Pen Day (Whole School)


On November 29th, 2023, we had a celebration for National No Pen Day to encourage eco-friendly habits, fitting perfectly with our Eco-Schools focus on Energy and Waste.

Eco-Schools Topic: Energy and Waste

-Energy Part: No pens mean we use less ink, which is good for saving energy since making ink takes a lot of it.
-Waste Part: Pens make a ton of plastic and metal waste. By using other ways to communicate on National No Pen Day, we cut down on the stuff used to make pens, especially plastic, helping with our Eco-Schools Waste goal.


        Connection to All Curriculum Subjects
-We spread this idea across different subjects like Science and Maths. Students explored things like plastic waste, saving resources, and ways to do things sustainably. Maths Example: Instead of using pens, we solved math problems using cool manipulatives, not just regular pen and paper.

This makes sure that our National No Pen Day isn't just a one-time thing. It's a big learning experience that mixes with all our subjects, making us all more aware and caring about the environment



The curriculum Link 3

Art lessons in year 4


In Year 4, our students have actively delved into the Eco-Schools topic of Energy by incorporating it into their Art lessons. This integration led to the creation of vibrant Energy-saving posters designed to boost awareness and encourage energy conservation practices across our school community. Additionally, the students took a practical step by placing switch off sign labels next to every switch in the school. This comprehensive initiative is a hands-on and imaginative approach to aligning with the Eco-Schools framework.

  • Eco-Schools Topic: Energy
    • Art Lessons: The infusion of energy conservation into Art lessons showcases the students' understanding through visually appealing posters. This artistic venture aligns seamlessly with the Eco-Schools focus on Energy, highlighting the significance of adopting sustainable practices.
  • Whole School Energy Saving Poster Competition:
    • Engaging the Entire School: Recognizing the power of collective action, Year 4 students initiated and organized a whole school energy-saving poster competition. This inclusive approach encourages active participation from all students, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for energy conservation.
  • Switch Off Sign Labels:
    • Practical Application: In addition to the artistic aspect, Year 4 students took a practical step by placing switch off sign labels next to every switch in the school. This tangible action reinforces the importance of energy conservation in a real-world context, promoting responsible habits throughout the entire school.



    The curriculum Link 4

    DT and Art lessons (Whole School)


    In Year 3, our students have actively delved into the Eco-Schools topic of Waste by incorporating it into their Art lessons

    Eco-Schools Topic: Waste
      - Art Lessons: Integrating waste conservation into our Art curriculum has resulted in the creation of visually captivating posters by our students. These artistic expressions not only showcase their understanding of waste management but also emphasise the importance of adopting sustainable practices. By infusing waste conservation into Art lessons, we seamlessly align with the Eco-Schools focus on Waste, nurturing environmentally conscious individuals.
    Whole School Waste Reduction Poster Competition:
    - Engaging the Entire School: Our school community is actively involved in a waste reduction poster competition, promoting active participation from all students. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of shared responsibility for waste conservation, encouraging every member to contribute ideas and actions towards a greener environment. Through collective efforts, we aim to cultivate a culture of sustainability within our school community.


    KS1 Winner - Tom (2P class)


    KS2 Winner - Waheguru (4Z class)




    The curriculum Link 5

    The Big Plastic Count Week (Whole School) 





    An investigation into plastic waste, from 11-17 March 2024 (British Science Week). Pupils and their household members count the plastic items they throw away in a week, then submit the results.

    • We have generated  your class’s plastic footprint and our school footprint too. 
    • Your child have given a certificate for taking part.



    see below for more information...



    The Big Plastic Count - Assembly Presentation

    Still image for this video

    How young people can take part in The Big Plastic Count 2024!

    Between 11-17 March 2024, thousands of schools, households and communities will be coming together to count their plastic waste. And we want young people to join them!

    Plastic count Tally Sheet + Certificate for The Big Plastic Count

    The Big Plastic Count - useful documents

    Class Links


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    Year 5:

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    5 Koala                Class link:

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    Year 6:

    6 Firefly               Class link:

    6 Kiwi                  Class link:

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