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Ryvers School Safeguarding Team

Nikki Price Designated Safeguarding Lead
Pete Rowe Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Louise Vymetal Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jo Quinton Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Claire Bevan Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Saimah Iftekhar Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Clare Chaudry Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ryvers Safeguarding Team - 2020

Safeguarding essential information during lockdown!

Message from Thames Valley Police

The world in which we live poses little threat to most people, but here at Thames Valley Police we commonly deal with people who have become victims of crime.

While we always do our best to support these people and investigate the crime thoroughly, we would much rather they were not victims at all.

Young people in particular are a group at greater risk to some crime types, and can actively be sought by some criminal types. Even their own actions can, whilst quite innocent in intent, make our children vulnerable, or create opportunity for them to be exploited.

With prevention in mind, we have pulled together a series of interventions for educational establishments. These interventions are intended to support professionals with the delivery of topics that will help develop a basic level of knowledge and understanding of risk awareness in our children to help them make informed healthy choices to stay safe.

The interventions cover both primary and secondary ages and although some of the materials have a financial cost, many don’t, so please take a look and see what you can use to ensure your students stay safe and don’t become the next victim.

**At the bottom of the list (on the above link) there is a section available for parents and a kids corner, please feel free to let your children and parents know this site exists so we can all help keep our children safe.


(Please note this is just a selection of material available to assist in these areas, Hampshire Police also have a fantastic selection of lesson plans available for your use, they can be found following this link

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