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P.E. and Sport at Ryvers


At Ryvers, Physical Education (P.E), sport and competition is an important part of not only the curriculum but in daily life. We provide children with as many opportunities as possible to excel in a wide range of sports.


In KS1 (Year 1 and 2), teaching is delivered by Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy once a week for there 2 hours session. For KS2 (Years 3 - 6), teaching is delivered by Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy once a week for there 2 hours session.


Physical Education, lunch time and after school clubs are an essential part of the daily life at Ryvers. There are a wide range of sporting activities to encourage all children to be fully involved; these include; Football for boys and girls, Dance, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Netball, Basketball, Ballet and Handball.


All children in the Octopus base participate in a 60 minute session once a week with Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy, Then also on a rotation base have a 30 minute session 1 to 1 with Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy these students whom require need extra support work on Agility, Balance and Co-ordination to help develop their skills in PE.


P.E. is structured to develop skills in a variety of team sports, as well as gymnastics and dance, year-on-year. Pupils are taught the skills to improve performance and accuracy of many sports. Our teaching methods also aim to encourage pupils to develop socially and personally as well as physically.


P.E. and sport at Ryvers are fully inclusive; everyone is expected to take part in P.E, and all pupils are encouraged to engage in clubs. Children enjoy their P.E., and many pupils go on to join clubs and participate in the events and competitions that we provide at Ryvers. In addition, we work in close partnership with local organisations and other sport networks. As a result, children are given opportunities to excel in their chosen sport in local and regional competitions.

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