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How can school and families support the children with their spelling?

At home, please practise your spellings for five to ten minutes every day- try to make this fun by playing games, using art materials, getting messy, setting up competitions with each other or by using the internet! A document has been put together outlining 20 ideas for learning and practising spelling at home - see below.

At school, children will be practising their spelling regularly in a variety of different ways as we follow the No Nonsense Spelling scheme. They will be encouraged to be independently checking and improving their own spelling and partners will be able to help each other.


What are the expectations for spelling in Year 3?

Children are expected to include an increasing number of advanced words in their written school work. In Year 3, children are expected to be able to spell all of the year 1 and 2 common exception words, as well as being able to apply their knowledge of spelling patterns in their writing. They should be beginning to spell the Year 3/4 words and patterns correctly in their writing. The National Curriculum rules and word list have been collated and it is available below. On this list you can see which are the Year 3/4 or Year 5/6 words.


Children are able to use word mats, dictionaries and classroom resources to support their spelling during class work but not during spelling tests.

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