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SEND Arrangements

The SEND Team


Our SEND Team consists of: 

Mrs Nikki Price - Strategic Lead for SEND

Mrs Price has overall responsibility for ensuring the SEND policy and strategies are being implemented throughout the school to meet the needs of our pupils with SEND. She works closely with the SENDCo, to ensure staff have relevant training and are deployed in the most appropriate way to provide effective support to meet the range of needs presented by our pupils with SEND, across the school.  In liaison with the SENDCo, she also monitors impact of the SEND support and overall progress made by our children with SEND as they progress through the school and reports this to our Governors. 


Miss Sally Stevens - SENDCo 

The SENDCo is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of SEND provision across the school. She oversees our Learning Support Assistants and SALT Team and works in close liaison with our Specialist Teacher and class teachers to ensure that children's needs are identified and interventions put in place to support the children's needs. She is also responsible for:

• Co-ordinating the provision for children with SEND;

• Maintaining and overseeing the records of pupils with SEND;

• Carrying out SEND reviews;

• Liaising with parents and carers of children with SEND;

• Liaising with and referring to external agencies;

• Contributing to the in-service training of staff;

• Overseeing the teaching and learning for SEND pupils;

• Organising and residing over the Annual Reviews for children with EHCP’s;

• Being aware and updating stakeholders with changes to SEND


Mrs Clare Chaudry - Specialist Teacher for Ryvers

Mrs Chaudry has a wealth of experience in teaching children with a wide range of SEND. She currently carries out a variety of specialist assessments with children whose class teachers have raised concerns about their academic progress or social/emotional presentation. She offers advice to teachers and support staff regarding strategies to support the children she assesses and meets with parents to give feedback and advice on how their children may be supported at home. In addition, she provides written reports for teachers, parents and the SENDCo outlining her conclusions and recommendations. Mrs Chaudry also runs social and sensory interventions for identified children and completes referrals to the necessary outside agency.


Mrs Aileen Cantore - Senior SALT LSA

Mrs Cantore is very experienced in assessing and supporting children with Communication and Interaction needs, including difficulties with speech sounds, receptive and expressive language, attention and listening, auditory memory and social communication. She assesses children whose teachers have raised concerns and  then sets targets and designs SALT programmes to help children achieve these targets. Mrs Cantore oversees our other SALT LSAs and  provides advice to teachers and support staff to help them support language development in the classroom. Mrs Cantore also liaises with external SAL therapists to ensure that appropriate support for our children with more complex communication needs is being provided. In addition, Mrs Cantore delivers targeted interventions to some of our children in Nursery and Reception. 


Mrs Dilbir Dhillon, Mrs Sadie Miah and Mrs Jane Tutin - SALT LSAs

Our SALT LSAs are responsible for implementing the speech and language programmes designed by Mrs Cantore following her assessments. They are all ELKLAN trained and

work with children individually, in small groups or in class using a variety of strategies and resources to help the children work towards their targets. Mrs Dhillon is trained in delivering Lego Therapy, which is a social communication intervention and works with small groups of children across the school. 

Ryvers' SEND Policy and SEND Information Report

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