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Saving Energy




Promote energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and foster sustainability by implementing responsible energy practices and encouraging the use of renewable resources, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and eco-friendly community.



Ryvers School - Eco Action Plan - Energy



🌟 Witness the Remarkable Achievement! 🌟


Testimonial by Deputy Headteacher: Jo Quinton

"our December energy bill was 18% less than last year. Please can you pass on thanks and congratulations to the eco warriors, who helped to make this happen."



Testimonial by Site Manager: Mr Francis McAleer


I have been able to obtain some more data regarding the Schools electricity usage. 

On Monday 22nd April 2024 the School used 10.5% less electricity saving the School using 51.5Kwh less off electricity.


The electricity used for the School was:

Monday 15th April 499Kwh

Monday 22nd April 442Kwh

Monday 29th April 488Kwh


Well done.




Message fom Ameena & Anirudh (Year 2)


Our focus for this term is 'Energy.' Our roles as Eco Warrior is to make our teachers turn off lights and boards when we do not use them Our task is to design an A5 poster for turning light off lights which will be placed around the school. 


Energy saving posters around the school


Energy Saving Tips Poster Competition (05.02.2024)





Cece - Year 1 Tiger Class





Switch Off Lights Poster Competition (08.11.2023)



Shreyas (1 Peacock class) : 

His art is about two light bulbs, one lit and other switched off.

His message is to switch off the light when not needed to save energy.



Energy Reduction Initiatives


Implementing energy reduction initiatives in a school can contribute to environmental sustainability and cost savings.



  1. Educate and Involve Students:
    1. Implement educational programs to raise awareness about energy conservation among students.
    2. Engage students in energy-saving initiatives, such as participating in energy audits.


  1. Encourage Power Management:
    1. Encourage teachers and staff to turn off electronic devices, such as computers and printers, when not in use.
    2. Classrooms and common areas to ensure lights are only on when needed.
    3. Utilize natural light by arranging classrooms and workspaces to maximise daylight.


  1. Promote Sustainable Transportation:
    1. Encourage students, teachers, and staff to use sustainable transportation methods, such as walking, biking, carpooling, or public transportation.


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