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The Governors

The Governors of Ryvers School


Mark Instone, Community Governor and Chair of Governors

Mark is Assistant Headteacher at a Secondary School. In addition to being the Chair of Governors he is a member of the Curriculum Committee, the Finance, Audit & Risk and Facilities Committee, Personnel Committee, the Pay Committee and is a Headteacher Performance Management Reviewer. Mark is a Member of the Academy Trust. Mark was elected as a local Slough Councilor in May 2023.

Mark was appointed by the Local Authority in July 2009 and became a Community Governor on conversion to Academy status.


Pete Rowe, Executive Headteacher.

Pete was officially appointed as Executive Headteacher from September 2019 having worked with and to support the school from the previous December. Previously he has worked for many years as a Head and Executive Head  in a number of schools having originally trained as an English and PE teacher. Pete is presently the Chair of the Primary Heads Association and is on the Board of many Slough Groups. He still works as an educational consultancy work, including for SloughBC, but is most likely to be spotted at the school gates with Jurgen (the school's much beloved Therapy Dog).


Preston Brooker, Vice Chair of Governors, Community Governor & Health and Safety Governor.

Preston is a Governor in a number of local schools. Preston is also Chair of Britwell Parish Council. In 2021 Preston became a church warden for his Church. Preston was appointed by the Governing Body in March 20

Jenny Instone, Community Governor, Safeguarding and SEN Governor.

Jenny is a retired Teacher and former Chair of Governors. Jenny is a member of the Finance, Audit & Risk and Facilities Committee, the Curriculum Committee and Chair of the Welfare Committee and is a Headteacher Performance Management Reviewer.

Jenny was appointed by the Local Authority in December 2009 and became a Community Governor on conversion to Academy status. Her term of office is due to end on 31st December 2021.



Luke Carter, Community Governor

Luke is currently a Lead Solutions Architect in the IT Industry, with 6 years’ experience across Solutions Architecture, Service Delivery and Account Management. Prior to working in the IT industry Luke worked for one of the Big 4 Accountancy Firms, working on the audits of FTSE 250 companies and holds a BSc in Business Management with Accountancy from Brunel University. Luke is a member of the Finance & Audit Committee & the Curriculum Committee.

Luke was appointed as a new Community Governor on the 11th July 2019 and his term of office is due to end on 10th July 2023. 



Vina Sondh, Staff Governor


Vina is the Lower LKS2 Phase Leader (Curriculum) at Ryvers School. 

Vina was appointed by staff on 21st January 2019 and her term of office is due to end in January 2023. 



Fariha Nazimi, Parent Governor 

Fariha is a community pharmacist with a Masters degree in pharmacy. She was appointed as parent governor in December 2019. Fariha has two children attending Ryvers school. Fariha will be working to provide ‘trips and visits’ for the school. Fariha is a member of the curriculum committee and the welfare committee. Fariha’s term of office is due to expire in December 2023.



Bhavana Parmar, Parent Governor

Bhavana is an IT Professional, working for ATOS. Bhavana specialises in working on Unix Tranistion and Transformation projects. She was appointed as a parent governor on 4th May 2021. Bhavana has 2 children, one of them attends Ryvers and another one is at Langley Grammar.  Bhavana's term of office is due to expire in May 2025. 


Chris Ferris, Community Governor

Reverend Chris Ferris is the new Anglican Rector at St Mary’s and has previously had involvement with Diocese of London educational matters. He was appointed by the Governing Body on 22nd September 2021 and his term of office is due to expire in September 2025.


Nikki Price, Head of School.

Nikki is Head of School at Ryvers. She is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and has taught at Ryvers since September 2011. She has previously been the SENCo at the school.



Valerie Harffey, Company Secretary.

Valerie is the Head of Business & Finance and has worked at Ryvers since 2007.




 Sehar Siddiquei, Parent Governor.  Sehar is a recently elected Parent Governor at Ryvers. She has a Masters in English Literature and has worked as a copy editor for children's books. she has four children and her two youngest attend Ryvers in Reception and Year 5 


Anne Bunce, Community Governor

Anne is an experienced and successful Virtual School Headteacher, Acting Headteacher, educational consultant, curriculum adviser, Assistant Headteacher, advisory teacher, teacher and inspector. She has extensive experience in educational and professional matters, including all matters related to curriculum development and innovation.


Sam Osborne, Staff Governor 

Sam is the Office Manager at Ryvers School and has worked at Ryvers since 2002

Being a Governor at Ryvers School

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