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Year 3 Note to Parents

Friday 25th November

Dear Year 3,

Well done to so many of you for the creative ‘Colour Wheel’ homework – we will be using some of these for display. 😊


This week, we have:

  • learned about personification and metaphors, as a poetic feature.
  • Practised our typing skills, in Computing.
  • continued our learning on addition and subtraction, focusing on the column method.
  • Enjoyed watching and learning more about the World Cup.
  • Created landscapes in the style of David Hockney, considering the use of warm and cool colours and adding texture, through a range of mediums.


For your homework, we would like you to:

  • Practise this week’s spellings.
  • Complete the maths tasks attached (subtraction). These need to be handed in by Wednesday 30th November.
  • Complete your activities on PurpleMash, practising your typing skills and spellings. They will be available under ‘Tasks to do’.
  • Use TTRS to practise your times tables.
  • Read daily and remember to ask a grown-up to sign your planner, before you change your book, on Monday.


Below are some links to support this week’s learning. and and



Kind Regards

Mrs Czapla, Miss Sian and Mrs Butt

Important dates

Tuesday 29th November 2022  Windsor Royal Theatre visit

Thursday 1st December 2022 Parents Evening

Friday 2nd December COOK House Non Uniform Day

Friday 2nd December 2022 Reloved Christmas Jumper Sale after school

Thursday 8th December 2022 Christmas Lunch & Christmas Jumper Day & School Disco

Friday 16th December 2022         Last Day of School for Children-1pm finish

How can school and families support the children with their spelling?

At home, please practise your spellings for five to ten minutes every day- try to make this fun by playing games, using art materials, getting messy, setting up competitions with each other or by using the internet! A document has been put together outlining 20 ideas for learning and practising spelling at home - see below.

At school, children will be practising their spelling regularly in a variety of different ways as we follow the No Nonsense Spelling scheme. They will be encouraged to be independently checking and improving their own spelling and partners will be able to help each other.


What are the expectations for spelling in Year 3?

Children are expected to include an increasing number of advanced words in their written school work. In Year 3, children are expected to be able to spell all of the year 1 and 2 common exception words, as well as being able to apply their knowledge of spelling patterns in their writing. They should be beginning to spell the Year 3/4 words and patterns correctly in their writing. The National Curriculum rules and word list have been collated and it is available below. On this list you can see which are the Year 3/4 or Year 5/6 words.


Children are able to use word mats, dictionaries and classroom resources to support their spelling during class work but not during spelling tests.

Carousel Learn


We are embarking on a new and exciting journey with our home learning. As you know knowledge organisers are a fantastic way to learn key information and vocabulary about topics learnt in schools. Carousel is a way to support learning using quizzing online. It is easy, click on the link and log in using your first name and surname and give it a go.


Please click on the link below to learn more about how to use the Carousel Quizzes.


Friday 14th October

To complete the Science Quiz, for your homework, please click on the link below. 

Revise through the questions first before answering the questions. 

You have up to 5 chances to complete. 
Click here to access the Science Quiz: Animals including Humans


Please click on the link below for more information about how to use the Activity Passports.

Retrieval Techniques to support your child's learning



Letter - Join

Letter-Join is an online programme to support with handwriting. Fortunately, we have a school log in for all children to access. Please use this log in to practise your handwriting, phonics and spellings etc.


When logging in using a computer:

User name: jk6690

Password: home


When logging in using a tablet:

User name: jk6690

Swipe Code: Swipe a capital 'L' shape starting at the top left. 

Other Useful Documents

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  • Trelawney Avenue,
  • Slough,
  • Berkshire,
  • SL3 7TS