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Computing Home Learning


Here are some ideas to make the most of your time at home! 



Coding for KS2


Turtle Logo: Years 3 and 4


Scratch: Years 3-6


Year 5; we have learnt HTML coding. See if you can make your own website at home!


Python 3.0: Year 6 and anyone who wants a challenge!


Python Code

Computing Curriculum Overview

Computer Usage Agreement


Thank you to everyone who has sent back to school their child's Computer Usage Agreement letter and for supporting Ryvers School to keep your children safe online.


If you have been sent a final reminder there is a copy of the letter below. The agreement must be signed and handed in by Friday 6th January or your child will not be able to access the schools ICT equipment.

Computer Usage Agreement letter

E Safety



At Ryvers we value the development and expansion of the use of I.C.T., and particularly the internet, and the way that this has transformed learning in our school in recent years. Children and young people will need to develop high level I.C.T. skills, not only to maximise their potential use as a learning tool, but also to prepare themselves as lifelong learners and for future employment. We believe that the benefits outweigh the risks, but only where children are taught about risks associated with the internet and empowered to protect themselves from potential harm, both within and outside school.


The Key Stage 1 children have been taught the Superhero Sid's Top Tips for staying safe on the internet:


Other Useful Websites:

Here are some interesting websites to use...

Want to be a pro at typing? Try these fun and interactive activities from the BBC. 


Through the new Computing Curriculum there is a greater emphasis on the children learning computer programming through coding and control. Many of the coding apps are free to download and are fun to use. 


See below for some examples of how this is being taught at Ryvers! 

Espresso Coding - Year 1's bubble game

Bee Bots are a great way to introduce children to control!

Children have been writing code on the Scratch software to create a dialogue between two characters in a fantasy story.  Some of them have even been giving commands for the character to change costume, or for the background to change as the story progresses.


Scratch Storytelling

Still image for this video
Preet wrote code to make this wonderful video. She even had the characters chase one another at the end!


Year 4 have also been learning how to code using 'Block Based Programming'! 
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