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School Grounds


School Grounds:

Improving School Grounds for Students, Staff, Plants, Insects, and Animals



Enhance the school grounds to create a welcoming and sustainable environment for students, staff, plants, insects, and animals. This initiative includes rewilding areas, planting trees and hedgerows, and promoting outdoor learning. By involving pupils in these activities, we aim to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their school and local community.


Cookies and Cake Fundraiser for outdoor learning equipment.

Cookies and Cake Fundraiser for outdoor learning equipment. 

On Friday 7th June children in UKS2 are organising a ‘Cookies and Cake Sale’ to raise funds for outdoor learning equipment. 





Ryvers School - Outdoor Reading Shed

Our recycling bin!

The more we fill, the more we earn!smiley



Slough schools competition

Mrs. Quinton has been working with children to plant a vibrant display of plants and flowers for a Slough schools competition. They have planted up a wagon with lots of colourful and fragrant plants that are particularly attractive to pollinators.

Up to 25 local schools will be taking part in the competition and displays will be on show in Slough Town Square for 7 days from 1st July – 7th July 2024. Afterwards, the displays will be returned to the schools so they can keep the wagons and to encourage the children to continue with the planting bug.

There will be a panel of judges and a local celebrity awarding the prizes in the below categories:

• Most Tactile

• Most Fragrant

• Most Colourful

• Most Sustainable Garden encouraging insect pollination

• Best in Show

• People’s Choice online (Slough BID to capture data)

Please do vote for us when the the time comes!





The children in Nursery love playing and learning in the garden. They have enjoyed planting; they check their plants daily to see if they have grown and like to water them too! The children have also taken part in lots of different Maths activities. They had to put the class hedgehog in different places and they had to match thier number cards to toys in the garden! Lots of active learning.






In Reception, children always love learning in the outdoor environment. They have particularly enjoyed the bird and bug club. This week the children were spotting birds using binoculars and their ears to listen for bird sounds and feel how soft a birds feather can be. They went to explore under logs and found squishy slugs, fast running centipedes, worms and beetles.







Year 1 have been enjoying a range of educational activities outside, this included a geography lesson where we learnt all about waves, this lesson supported prior learning about oceans and seas. In order for the children to experience how a wave is made we went out and used the parachute to demonstrate. It was lots of fun and the children learnt lots about waves too!


Year 1 phonics sound hunt, the children worked with a partner and had two minutes to explore the garden and find the hidden phonics sounds, they had to say the sound and then cross it off their sound mat, it was lovely to see such enthusiasm and enjoyment whilst learning at the same time too!




Year 3

Did you know that outdoor shadows change because the earth is always moving? It happens naturally every sunny day or moonlit night. When you're outside on a sunny day, your shadow always falls on the opposite side from where the sun is. As the sun changes position in the sky, your shadow changes position as well.




Year 4

Year 4 spent some time enjoying reading their new books in the spring sunshine!








Year 5

In the mental health awareness week, we have been looking at ways of improving our mental health. One thing that can improve our mental health is going outside and being in nature - so that's what we have done in Year 5 - go outside as much as possible!




Year 6

We have exciting news from year 6 this week – they've been having a blast learning outdoors! 🌳📚

In their science lessons, they're diving deep into the circulatory system and exploring the wonders of our amazing hearts ❤️. To make learning even more fun and hands-on, the children took their studies outside and conducted a fascinating investigation on how exercise impacts their heart rate. 🏃♀️🏃♂️

The energy was palpable as our future scientists, armed with heart rate monitors, engaged in various exercises to see the direct impact on their heart rates. This practical experiment not only made learning come alive but also reinforced the importance of staying active and healthy in our daily lives.

But that's not all! The creativity of our year 6 students knows no bounds. 😄 ✨ While enjoying the fresh air, they also put their artistic talents to good use by designing colourful posters to showcase the different types of exercise that can keep us all healthy. 🎨💪





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