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Ryvers School Uniform 

School Uniform Policy - 2020 - 2023

Our children are proud of their school and wearing the correct uniform is an important way for children to show their pride.  The uniform that is required for all children is detailed below.  Please note that jewellery is not permitted, hair accessories must be simple and in school colours and hairstyles must be suitable for school.  Shaved patterns and Mohican styles are not acceptable. 






Dark grey skirt, pinafore or trousers (No leggings) Reception, Yrs 1&2 Ryvers polo shirt

Yrs 3 – 6 White shirt

Navy blue cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt School tie (compulsory for Year 3 upwards)




Blue and white striped or gingham dress or Grey Shorts


Plain white, navy or black shorts Plain white or Ryvers T-shirt  

White or black socks

Plimsolls or trainers

Plain tracksuit in cold weather Ryvers Hoodie/Jumper


Black school shoes (not boots) with a heel less than 2cm


As modeled by 2 children in 4 Rhino




Our uniform with the school badge on is now available from three suppliers.  You may also buy items in the correct colour without a school badge on from anywhere of your choosing.  Children do not have to wear sweatshirts or polo shirts with the school badge on, however many parents prefer to buy items with the school badge on.  Details of our suppliers are as follows:


School Days Direct, 20A Buckingham Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4QA. Telephone number: 01628 665353, Email: 


Aqua Uniforms, Langley Village, 274b High Street, Langley, Slough, Berks, SL3 8HD. Telephone number: 01753580722


My Clothing, (formerly Tesco Uniforms) -


See below details of the uniform available from each supplier. In addition they can all supply trousers, skirts and PE shorts and socks.


Item School Days Direct in store with logo Aqua Uniforms in store with logo
V - necked knitted jumper Yes Yes Yes
V - neck sweatshirt Yes Yes No
Crew neck sweatshirt Yes Yes Yes
Knitted cardigan Yes No No
Sweatshirt cardigan Yes Yes Yes
Polo shirt Yes Yes Yes
P.E. T-shirt Yes Yes Yes
Book Bag Yes Yes Yes
P.E. Hooded sweatshirt Yes Yes Yes
School Rucksack Yes Yes Yes
Tie No Yes Yes
P.E. Bag Yes Yes No



The School have teamed up with Stikins again this year to offer parents the opportunity to purchase quality labels for your children’s school uniform, whilst earning the school commission at the same time! This money can then be used to continue to help purchase some of the fantastic resources that benefit our children’s learning.  STIKINS are simple, you just stick them in, no sewing and no ironing needed. You can save time and money with one multipurpose name label for clothes, shoes, lunch boxes and all school items. There will be some leaflets on Reception with more information if you require it. 


Our School Fundraising number is: 17294, please use this number when making an order. 


Don't forget to use the Ryvers School Fundraising Number - 17294.  

Please use the link below.

Stikins Clothes Labels

  • Ryvers Primary School,
  • Trelawney Avenue,
  • Slough,
  • Berkshire,
  • SL3 7TS