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Click on each step below to gain additional insights into Ryvers' 7 Steps for Becoming an Eco School.

  • This year, Ryvers school is going to be part of something very exciting called - Eco-Schools program


  • At the end of the program – Assessor will award a Green flag


  • Eco-Schools program run by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) - one of the world's largest environmental education organizations.


  • Keep Britain Tidy is the national operator.


  • 60,000+ schools - 73 countries taking part of the Eco-School Program

Eco-Schools is an initiative that inspires children to play an active role in preserving the environment. Through this program, our students can directly influence Ryvers School's environmental policies, working towards certification and the prestigious  Green Flag award.


The Eco committee at Ryvers Primary offers students a unique opportunity to actively shape the school's eco-friendly initiatives. This initiative benefits the entire school community, including both students and teachers, by empowering students to express their opinions and influence decision-making. Eco Warriors develop valuable skills such as confidence, communication, and negotiation, ensuring they represent not only their own perspectives but also those of their peers.


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