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Maths mastery is a teaching and learning approach that aims for pupils to develop deep understanding of maths rather than being able to memorise key procedures or resort to rote learning.

The end goal and expectation is for all pupils (with very limited exceptions) to have acquired the fundamental facts and concepts of maths for their year or key stage such that by the end of it they have achieved mastery in the maths they have been taught. At this point they are ready to move confidently on to their next stage of maths.

Mastery of a mathematical concept means a child can use their knowledge of the concept to solve unfamiliar word problems, and undertake complex reasoning, using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.


Maths mastery is a not a quick fix to maths learning but a journey that the teacher and pupils go on together, with regular diagnostic assessment to check the pupils understanding and direct instruction that teaches to any gaps.





 Numbots is a great way to practice your number facts this Autumn term


 We have access to another online Maths Program to support number bonds - Numbots.

Go to

The first time you login you'll need to set up the school, as in the screen shot above.

Then login using your My Maths / Times Tables Rock Star (TTRS) username and password.

Then your task is to help Rusty the Robot shine. Starting at the Iron level complete the levels up to Diamond unlocking Challenges along the way. Go For it! 








If you have any difficulties logging in or questions about Numbots in general please contact the school during normal school hours using      email.


Why doesn't it display very well on an iPad? 

Please rotate the device so that you are viewing it in portrait mode.


Is there an app?

Yes, there is an app for Amazon, Android and Apple devices. Please got to the relevant app store to download the app for free.


Don't forget to complete you My Maths Homework

Have fun learning your times-tables!



Follow the link below.




Try these games to help you learn your


Times Tables                 Hit the Button   



   Coconut Multiplications


Have you got Maths Eyes?

Cracking Times Tables

Previous Maths Information Evening

Problem Solving activities


NRich, a problem solving site, display  'live problems' on their website. These 'live problems' are changed approximately every 6 weeks.


Children are encouraged to have a go at the problem and submit their answers/solutions. These solutions are then looked at and a handful of them are published for other Primary School children to see. 


Have a go at the following problems! You never know, your solution may well be published!


Good Luck!


KS1:  Largest Even Number

KS2:  Fraction Fascination

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