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Mr Rowe's Round Up

                                                                                       15th September 2021


Dear Parents/Carers


Welcome back to a bright new year at Ryvers! It has been lovely to see new pupils joining us in both Nursery and Reception and it makes me happy to be seeing familiar faces every morning and afternoon on the gates 😊



I wanted to make my first ‘heading’ about the most important thing in school – making sure our youngsters progress brilliantly in their academic studies. We all know that the last months have been difficult with forced absences and lockdown learning, so this year we all need to work really hard in partnership to ensure all our children reach their potential. Please do look out for our Knowledge Organisers which are sent home giving a summary of what is being taught in many subjects and little retrieval quizzes that parents can help their children with.


More than anything, please can I encourage you to support your child reading ‘loads’ at home. Research proves that if you want to do well in GCSE science and maths, let alone English, those pupils who read more do better (and eventually earn more – to look after us when we are old! 😊) in their exams. We send reading books home but I would encourage you to borrow from the library, listen to audio books and also to model reading (you do it as well, so your children see it is important) whenever you can: READ, READ, READ!


Soft Start

As you will know, we have moved to a ‘soft start’ in the mornings which means that pupils go straight into their classes. Parents, pupils and staff are telling me that they really like the system but we think it is important to gather everyone’s views so will be issuing a short survey to ask for your opinions soon.




Sadly, covid hasn’t gone away and our soft start routines and one way systems are part of our approach to try to reduce the number of times large groups gather. Another example of this will be continuing with ‘virtual’ parents evenings. Sadly, this also means our Friends of Ryvers coffee mornings on a Friday still can’t happen … yet!


You will have seen that we no longer need to send whole classes (bubbles) home if one pupil has a positive covid test. We will, however, send a letter to parents of children in a class where there has been a confirmed case just to keep you all informed.


If your child does have symptoms then please do keep them at home and get a test just to be on the safe side. Remember it is not just the children who can be infected from one case but all the adults in school and many older people living in multi-generational houses in our community.


As restrictions have eased a little, we are happy for pupils, if they wish, to bring in small presents/cake to share on their birthdays. However, anything individual, especially cake, needs to be individually wrapped and certainly can't be cut up by the teacher/TA. Generally, such items would be handed out at the end of the day so think also about hygiene and heat - cream after five hours ... yuk!


Breakfast and After School Clubs

Many of you will be pleased to hear that we have re-opened our before and after school provision for children. If you would like your child to attend either or both please contact the school office who will arrange this.



Every primary school struggles with terrible traffic and lack of parking and Ryvers is no different. In fact, when I call the council out and recently when chatting with our community police officers, I am told Ryvers is ‘nowhere near as bad as other schools’. However, it is certainly more than bad enough!


Could you please think about whether there are other ways you might get to school – we have bike sheds and walking is good daily exercise. If you do have to drive in, could you look to park a little further away and walk the last half mile (a ten minute walk is again a healthy bit of exercise).


When traffic is busy, we all get a bit frustrated. Could I please ask that we are actively helpful to one another; let people out and please DON’T beep your horns – it really doesn’t help and often worries our little ones.


It has been brought to our attention that not all parents are using the zebra crossing from the other side of Trelawney Avenue. It is good training for children to teach them to do this – I know it’s ‘easier’ just to cross – but is it safer!


I am in regular touch with the council who tell me the proposed zig-zag lines outside the school could still happen. If/when they do this will certainly help traffic flow. In the meantime can you also think about our neighbours and not block drives or squeeze paths when you park.


Alternative methods


Could you please think about whether there are other ways you might get to school – we have bike sheds - I'm always impressed with the mums and dads cycling with their children - and walking is good daily exercise. If you do have to drive in, could you look to park a little further away and walk the last half mile (a ten minute walk is again a healthy bit of exercise). 



I love hearing about special moments that our children have been involved in and will happily post pictures on Twitter and in our galleries of special occasions so please do send in any news you think might be worth a mention. We have recently had a pupil win a Blue Peter badge for her poetry and others with all sorts of sporting successes. Follow us on Twitter @RyversSchool on which we regularly post.


Finally …


Thank you, as always, for your wonderful support of the school, all its staff and of course our children. Personally, I am still working my way through the wonderful gifts of chocolate etc. I was given at the end of term and Alfie and Jurgen are almost a fat as me from all their lovely gifts too 😊


Best wishes


Pete Rowe

Executive Headteacher

Ryvers School





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