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Mr Rowe's Round Up


4th January 2022




Dear Parents/Carers,


Just a quick letter to touch base with everyone after the Christmas break. I managed to catch Covid directly over Christmas but fortunately it was a mild dose and I quickly recovered. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the gifts that I received and that Alfie and Jurgen were given too. I know that staff were equally touched by the gifts they received. It is never ‘necessary’ and no one should ever feel they must give something but for those who did it was much appreciated. Where money is tight please always spend it on your family and children.


Covid update


You will have seen in the news – schools found out via this Sunday’s papers which was very unhelpful – that it is ‘business as usual’ for primary schools in dealing with Covid. No new guidance for Ryvers has been issued with a reminder of ventilation and hygiene routines being about it! Secondary schools are back to testing students and wearing masks in classrooms but that is not the case for our pupils. In terms of the ‘rules’ for self-isolating it is probably helpful to share the following:


  • If you suspect your child has Covid 19 with any of the symptoms then please do keep them at home and test with lateral flow and/or PCR. Clearly, sometimes it is difficult to know whether they just have a bad cold or actual Covid – I would say, ‘better safe than sorry’ – get a test done immediately.


  • When recovering from Covid pupils can return on Day 7 ‘IF’ and only if they have tested negative with a LFT on Day 6 AND 7. Two consecutive days, 24 hours apart, negative tests are needed before returning.


  • The rules for others in a household if a person tests positive remain the same. Test daily and if negative the child can attend school.


Last term, at one point we had 16 members of staff, across all areas, off. This was a real squeeze and if we regularly hit absence rates in double figures we would need to think about whether we needed to send a class or two home for a day. If this was the case we would, of course, give you all as much notice as possible. As yet, this is not the case. Today we have 6 staff members off which is manageable.


Dropping off/collecting


Please remember that the gates are closed at 8.50am each morning so you need to have your child on the playground heading into class before this deadline. Last term we sometimes had very long queues for ‘lates’ which really does slow the school down in terms of its operational functions and obviously causes a loss of learning if children are late to lessons.


The one-way system is in place for the good of everyone. Very occasionally we have a parent try to sneak their child in the wrong gate – please don’t!


Could you please all wear masks when you are on the school site.


As always – please be considerate in your parking and in particular please do not run your car engine whilst waiting – air pollution is something we all want to avoid.


I think that’s all for now; I will be in touch regularly and a member of SLT is always on the gate.


Dates for this term: Half term is week beginning Monday 21st February and end of term is Friday April 8th at 1pm.


Best wishes to you all,



Pete Rowe

Executive Headteacher

Ryvers School



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