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Mr Rowe's Round Up


16th September 2020



Dear Parents/Carers


I thought it might be useful to clarify for you the procedures that must occur if your child is suspected of having coronavirus.


As you know, there are three core symptoms; high temperature (over 37.8 degrees), new and persistent cough, loss of taste/smell. If your child exhibits any one of these they should be classed as having suspected Covid. In this case they should not be in school.


If a) the school sends your child home or b) you decide to keep your child off, they MUST not return to school for ten days unless they have had an official test ( with a negative result.


You MUST NOT send your child back to school if they ‘seem’ to be feeling better or the symptoms have disappeared – the ten days/negative test rule must be obeyed.


The same applies if a member of your household displays any symptoms, this includes siblings attending this or any other school. If one of your children is unwell with any of the core symptoms, then do not send any of them to school. The ten days/negative test rule must be obeyed.


There is no expectation that children should be completing work at home if they are poorly. There is work available for when they are feeling better but still need to self-isolate. Please access your child’s Year Group page on our website: where there will be work available for them to do at home from Monday 21st September.



Best wishes



Pete Rowe

Executive Headteacher

Ryvers School

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