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Mr Rowe's Round Up


   4th March 2021


Dear Parents/Carers


It is with great pleasure that I write to you to confirm that we are looking forward to seeing all pupils back on Monday 8th March. It will be lovely for me (and the pups) to be on the school gate that first morning seeing you all again. The rules, timings, policies and procedures will be the same as they were before the Christmas break. I have included the schedule for staggered start and collection times at the end of my letter to remind everyone. The same lining up systems will be in place in the playground.



Children do not need to be wearing masks but I would ask that you, as adults, all do when you are entering the school site. Primary schools will not be undertaking any covid testing (lateral flow tests) for pupils although all staff have been offered the opportunity to be taking these twice a week.

Please don’t wait around once the children are on their way into the school buildings. The greatest risk of infection is from adult to adult in the playground or standing in groups chatting just outside the gates. The marquee is still up for poorer weather and will have a few seats for parents who need them. If you are waiting for other children, having collected some already, can I ask that you please keep them close to you rather than allowing them to run around or play on the field unsupervised.


We will be trying to return to ‘normal’ lessons from Day One so please pack the whiteboards, power maths books and exercise books into bags for the first Monday back. If you have borrowed a school computer, we will contact you separately about how and when to return it.


Whilst we won’t be continuing with screen free ‘well-being Wednesdays’, we will be adapting our curriculum to have a focus on mental health as well as all the usual academic challenges. We will also be carefully assessing pupils’ progress and addressing any gaps in knowledge that we identify.


No lost learning

A lot has been made in the media about a ‘lost generation’ and how our youngsters have missed out. Now I’m not saying it hasn’t been difficult but I believe that Ryvers’ partnership with our families has meant some cracking learning has continued throughout. We have also actively experienced a lot of positives; we are all now computer whizzes with Teams!

Who hasn’t now learnt to check the ‘mute’ button during a meeting J . Families have also spent more time together which, whilst at times can be … errr … tiring(!) ... is actually a great privilege.

I think a lot of parents and carers have also learnt a lot more about the primary curriculum and what and how things are taught and many have now decided they never want to be a teacher!

 I have created a short ‘welcome back’ video for pupils which will be posted on the school website ready for Monday morning, go to -  Key Information – Back to School March 2021 – it mentions some of these things if you would like to watch it.



I am aware that over the past months some pupils will have continued to grow and that school uniform, shoes, and sports kits might now not fit so well. It will be difficult for you to have bought some of these items so, whilst we do expect all pupils to be wearing school uniform, we also understand that we might need to be a little more flexible. If you are struggling to find any particular items and need your child to be wearing something different please do just have a quiet word with their teacher.


Clubs and Sports

We have been able to organise some sporting activities within year groups for after school from Easter and a letter will be going home soon for you to sign up. We also hope to offer other after school clubs, all dependent on health and safety regulations. Most unfortunately, we still cannot see a way to be running our Breakfast and After School Clubs because these would mix age groups and break our ‘bubble’ system. We are committed to getting these back up and running as soon as possible but I think it probably won’t be until next September.



Unfortunately, the school office will remain closed for face to face enquiries, please email or call 01753 544474 if you need to speak to the office team.


And finally

I do want to finish by once again praising all of our families for the hard work and effort you have put in over the past year. Due to your efforts I believe our youngsters are in a strong and secure position to move on with their education both academically and socially. I know you would want me to thank all the staff; teachers, TAs, site, cleaning, catering and office teams and a couple of Labradors, for all they have done to look after our children this past year. Thank you to all who donated, via ParentPay, to the staff ‘thank you’ – an amazing £750 was raised and will be put to very good use. I’m sure you will also all be happy to hear that Mrs Price and Mrs Porter are somewhat tired but very proud mums of healthy and happy babies!


‘Team Ryvers’ never went away but it will be a joy to see everyone in person from next Monday!


Take care till then,


Pete Rowe

Executive Headteacher

Ryvers School


Start and Finish Times



Year Group

Start Time and Location


End Time and Location

Nursery am

9.00am–Trelawney Playground


11.45am-Gosling Gate

Nursery pm

12.30pm-Gosling Gate

3.15pm-Gosling Gate




9.00am–Trelawney Playground

3.20pm-Trelawney Playground


Year 1 and Year 2

8.50am–Trelawney Playground

3.10pm-Trelawney Playground


Year 3 and Year 4

8.40am–Trelawney Playground

3.00pm-Trelawney Playground


Year 5 and Year 6


8.30am–Trelawney Playground

2.50pm-Trelawney Playground





3.00pm- Octopus








Letter Going Home - 25th September 2020 - PLEASE READ - Parent Covid-19 Advice letter

Letter Going Home - 24th September 2020 - PLEASE READ - NHS Test and Trace letter to all Parents / Carers

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