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Mr Rowe's Round Up

Thursday 19th March 2020


Coronavirus  / School Closure Update 


Dear Parent/Carer

A famous writer, Maya Angelou (I recommend you read her books and poems!), said, ‘You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.’ We are incredibly fortunate that our Ryvers ‘family’ is such a strong, caring and supportive community who can all rely on one another. Please do keep in touch with and help one another and regularly check for updates.

As you are aware the school will be closed from Monday 23rd March. At the moment, we do not know how long this closure might last but it might be up until the summer holidays although it might be a lot shorter.

We will be offering a child care facility for the children of Key Workers who do not have another family member or friend who can look after their youngsters whilst they are at work. This facility will also be available for children who have an EHCP. Whilst we are more than happy to provide this facility, it does bring numbers of children and adults together in groups so, if you have vulnerable family members, this might not be appropriate for you. The timings of this offer will be 8.45am to 3.15pm and a lunch will be provided if needed.

If you do wish to take up this offer, there is a form attached to this letter (also available on our website) which we would ask you to fill in and either physically drop off at the office or send to . If you could do this as soon as possible and preferably before Monday 23rd March that would be helpful for our planning.

‘Home Learning’ resources will be available for the children to complete at home. These resources will be uploaded onto the ‘Year Pages’ of our school website by 10am each Monday morning. If you would like a paper copy of these resources, teachers will be printing a weekly pack which will be available to collect from the school each Monday between 10am and 12pm. The locations are:


EYFS and KS1: KS2:

Under the Nursery building entrance                                          Under the bike shelter by Year 3
Accessed via Gosling Gate                                                         Accessed via Main School Gate (not playground)



If you have any specific questions about anything within this letter or a particular concern over anything related to the school

closure could you please email it to With a limited number of staff on site we cannot promise to
always be able to answer phone calls and we have been advised to ‘socially distance’
ourselves from parents so won’t be able to talk with you face to face.

As I mentioned earlier, we do not know how long these new measures will be in place. The government have cancelled all SATs tests, and other external exams. This will not reflect badly on our children and we will be in regular contact with our secondary school colleagues to ensure that transition in September still works very smoothly.

We also suggest that you have a look at this website: 

which gives advice about both physical and mental health for families at this time. We have also included an attachment with a suggested daily schedule which you might want to use with your children to best structure their day whilst they are away from school.

Just as you are likely to be a little concerned and confused by what is going on, so are some of our children for whom change and uncertainty can be difficult. We all need to be filling them with confidence and love, making sure they feel secure and happy. If, at any point, you feel your child is really struggling then please do drop us an email and we will do what we can to

My very best wishes to you all.

Pete Rowe
Executive Headteacher
Ryvers School

Key Workers Child Care Request Form

Covid-19 Daily Schedule

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