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Mr Rowe's Round Up


3rd December 2020


Dear Parent/Carer


A number of you have expressed a desire to show your appreciation for all the staff have done during this past, extraordinary year. As I have written before, physical gifts can't be exchanged at the moment, due to covid restrictions but it has been suggested by Friends of Ryvers, our parent group, that we create a parentpay link into which anyone could donate a small amount.


There are a few concerns that I would want to address in allowing this. First and most importantly, we do not in any way 'expect' anyone to donate. It would be a personal choice and would remain completely anonymous. We would not generate a list of names so will not know who had or had not contributed. In these financially tough times, I would strongly recommend that you look after yourselves and your families first and only contribute if you feel you have the capacity to do so. To contribute, please go to


The combined amount, however big or small, would be spent at a later date on something that benefits every adult on site. Although you will all want to be particularly thankful to teachers, actually there are so many other people that have made it possible for the school to function as well as it has and they should be properly acknowledged and their efforts celebrated too. 


I have no idea what we might spend any monies raised on but if possible, I would like it to be something that lasts for a period of time as a reminder of how the family of Ryvers have worked so well together to look after our youngsters. We'll all decide together what would be a best buy for all staff.

We would also like to create an online document where everyone can write a ‘Happy Christmas’ or more general ‘Thank You’ message which can then be shared with everyone on our website. This will have no cost associated with it but simply be a way of collecting together some positive sentiments. Please go to – About Us – Christmas Messagesto add your comments.

I will start it with a huge thank you to all our parents for their support.


Yours sincerely


Pete Rowe

Executive Headteacher

Ryvers School

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