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Year 2

BEING VIRTUOUS - great superhero pictures from 2L from our Character Education lesson

Lovely responses from 2 Yak for our Character Education lessons:

Castle pictures from this week's history lesson, beautifully drawn by MM in 2L

GRATITUDE - lovely thank you notes from 2L from our Character Education lesson

Historical Drawings by 2Y!

Scientific Story Maps By 2Y!

FRIENDSHIP-2Y Learnt about Jesus and his disciples, this is what they have been missing about their own friends!

Extraordinary Scientists: Katherine Johnson - super life story maps by MM, NK, SW, TM, HN and JB in 2 Loris

⭐⭐⭐ Look at 2 Loris' amazing MISSING STAR POSTERS! ⭐⭐⭐

Have you spotted any of these Stars? 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Have a read of these posters by 2 Yak

More fantastic castles from NW, SA and AG in 2L :-)

Impressive, creative castles by BB, AF, SF, IK, MK, MP & ARS in 2Y!

Look at these amazing castles built by LK/MK, MM, MH, JB and HN in 2L

Information text on trains by OB in 2 Loris - all about trains :-)

Very interesting, informative Judaism posters by ZA, BB, AF, SF, IK, ARS & LV in 2Y!

Tigers information text by SAG

Superheroes information text by JB

Information text by MM

Judaism information poster by TM

An Information Text on Basketball by SM 🏀

Monkey Information Text by MP 🐒

Information Text on Earth by ZA 🌎

Information Text on Lions by AS 🦁

Hamsters information sheet by ZK with lots of interesting facts :-)

A super information text on Tigers by SF 🐅

An information text on Sharks by AF 🦈

A Zebra information text by IK 🦓

An information text about the Fennec Fox by CD 🦊

An interesting information text about Giraffes by BB 🦒

An information text about Lego by AO

A super information text by HN

Rabbits information text by NA

The Solar System an interesting information text by MK

Pomeranian puppies, a super information text by LK

The moon, an information text by NK including the phases of the moon

Nile crocodiles a fascinating information text by MH

Rabbits, an interesting information text by SA

Information text on the life cycle of a chicken by U - which even has a glossary :-)

An interesting Playdoh information text by UC

The differences between Orthodox and Reform Jews and her own beliefs by SM.

Drawing of a castle built on top of a hill, making it harder for enemies to attack by MP.

Drawing of a Castle built on top of a hill to make it harder for enemies to attack by C D-R.

Stretching Materials by LV.

Investigating Materials by AN.

Investigating Materials by FR.

Exploring Everyday Materials by BN.

A table with two columns telling us what the Orthodox and Reform beliefs are by BB.

The Worst Witch Strikes Again - a book review by MM

Interesting and informative RE work on Judaism by MM

An imaginative magic box poem by OB

A super Magic Box poem written and illustrated by AG

A lovely illustrated magic poem by MH

Imaginative poetry about a Magic Box by MM

A super magic box poem by NW

Imaginative 'magic box' poetry by TM

The Magic Box, an imaginative poem by HN

The Magic Box, a lovely poem by SW

The Magic Box, a lovely poem by RK

Imaginative 'magic box' poetry by MS

Super drawing of Zeus by SR

Super Geography work by AS

Super geography work from MM and OBP

Zeus who gave Pandora the box

Elves story by ES

Moses by MH

RE work and English elves story by MM

Rusty and the Elves by MH

Another great elves story - by NA

Super elves story from HN

Drawing a grid over a castle and adding a key telling people what is on the map by AF

Drawing of a castle built on top of a hill to make it hard for enemies to attack by SH

Moses smashing the tablets with the ten commandments by ZA

Synagogue drawing by IK

The inside of a synagogue by SF

Superhero writing by UM

RE work on Judaism by TM

Book review by MM of The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith

The Owl & the Pussycat

Still image for this video

Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' - part of year 2's Hooked on History day

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