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The Welfare Team support pupils with physical, emotional and behavioural needs from across the school so that everyone is calm, collected and in control.

Picture 1 Minni Koshal, Welfare Manager
Picture 2 Saimah Iftekhar, Pastoral Officer

Minni Koshal - Welfare Manager

The Welfare Manager looks after children's physical wellbeing to ensure they are safe and healthy in school and that they are able to access their learning despite any illnesses. The Welfare Manager also organises appropriate training for staff, including First Aid training and ensures lunch times are enjoyable and fun by organising staff rotas and play equipment.

Saimah Iftekhar - Pastoral Officer 

The Pastoral Officer provides pupils with support and guidance to help them overcome any social and emotional difficulties that affect their learning and school experience.

We are pleased of our schools commitment to the Mental Health of all involved in the Ryvers family, pupils, parents and staff.

Berkshire School Aged Immunisation Team - UPDATE December 2019

Reception to Year 6 National NHS Flu Immunisations

Tuesday 19th November 2019


For more information, please contact our School Welfare Manager, Minni Koshal.

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