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We hope that our website gives you a flavour of Ryvers School as well as the information that you are looking for. 


Our school is often described as diverse, open and welcoming.  Visitors frequently comment upon the warmth of the environment and the professionalism of our staff as well as the excellent manners and behaviour that our children display.  Our parents are very pleased with our commitment to work in partnership with them.  They value our teachers and our determination to be a centre of excellence for teaching and learning.  We are proud to be a school that is learning centred; we truly believe in learning for life, for everyone.


Pete Rowe

Executive Headteacher



Ryvers School Vision


Children come to Ryvers to be happy and successful. At Ryvers we are dedicated to developing confident, self-assured, positive young people who love to learn, to contribute and to achieve.


The staff at Ryvers are ambitious for our pupils and we hold high aspirations for their futures. Every child deserves to be successful and we recognise that all children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and a part of our role is to help them discover and develop these.  We are committed to developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding that allow our children to enjoy learning, achieve success and to feel content and fulfilled.


At Ryvers we do not just provide a broad and balanced learning experience for our children, we also provide one with depth, challenging them to become curious and independent learners who are inspired by our rich and varied curriculum.


We encourage a strong community spirit, where we show respect and consideration for each other; understanding and celebrating differences and upholding kind and well-mannered behaviour.


At Ryvers our children become self-confident learners with a love of learning that will stay with them for life.


Ryvers' School Values 


Ryvers provides a Values-based Curriculum. This means that we promote and teach a set of values to our pupils that will ensure they develop the skills to be good citizens in the future. We support our curriculum with a set of principles that are embedded into teaching and learning in order to develop improved social and emotional skills that will positively affect behaviour.


Teaching children Values improves pupils’ self-esteem, improves their behaviour and raises standards of learning even higher.


“Why do we behave the way we do? What is it that drives us to give to charity or to help children to develop as happy, stable people? It is our values that determine our thinking and our behaviour. They are the principles, standards or life stances that act as guides to our behaviour. They are our beliefs about what is worthwhile, the ideals for which we strive. They are the standards by which particular beliefs and actions are judged to be good or desirable. They help us make decisions and evaluate the actions of others.”  (Dr Neil Hawkes –


Each week we lead special Values Assemblies, teachers also explore the ‘Values of the Term’ in PSHE lessons. Wherever possible the values of the term are taught in other areas of the curriculum. Most importantly, adults in the school ensure that we are role-models for each of the values.


There are 12 values that we consider to be universal:














British Values Statement

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