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School Council


Our School Council is made up of one child from every class (Y1-Y6). We have to campaign to our classmates to be elected like candidates do in real elections. We talk together at the School Council meetings every half term with Mrs Walls and Mrs Dwane, share ideas and make decisions about projects.


We also try to help our community and try out new ideas to make our school a better and safer place.


After our meetings we write minutes, so we remember the decisions that we have made.


To be a good school councillor you must be a good listener, be fair and approachable. We have to listen to our classmate’s ideas and opinions, so we can bring them to the Council. However, we also have to inform our schoolmates about our events and successes in school assemblies, in the school newsletter and on our website.


This academic year, we have already been very busy. We have been involved in choosing posters for our new house system at Ryvers.


We were in charge of deciding how to raise money for our annual “Children in Need” event which was very successful!  We raised £893.05 thanks to your kind generosity!


To honour Remembrance Day the children throughout the school created poppies. With these poppies a wreath was created. All the members of the school council had the privilege to represent our school by placing our Ryvers Poppy Wreath at Langley War Memorial.


We will continue to have regular meetings.

Watch this space!

The following children were elected for the 2019-20 School Council


Izabela - 1 Tiger

Arshitha   - 1 Peacock

Myyah - 1 Monkey


Zainab -2 Loris

Cooper - 2 Yak

Haaris - 2 Panda


Ali - 3 Elephant

Kane - 3 Cheetah

Lucie - 3 Lion


Yad  - 4 Zebra

Richelle  – 4 Giraffe

Ella  – 4 Rhino


Vardan  - 5 Dingo

Sahebaa  - 5 Platypus

Ibrahim  - 5 Koala


Nikhith – 6 Ruru

Ayla  - 6 Kiwi

Priya  - 6 Firefly


School Council Members walked to Langley War Memorial on Tuesday 12th November 2019. The School Council members laid a beautiful hand made wreath at the war memorial and helped to tidy it up too!  

School Council - Langley War Memorial - Tuesday 12th November 2019

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