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2019 - 2020

Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia

Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 1 Chilenje classroom
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 2 PE lesson
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 3 UK charity workers with special needs children.
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 4 Chilenje School
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 5 Children being entertained by UK charity worker
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 6
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 7
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 8 Charity volunteers at work
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 9 Volunteers at work
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 10
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 11 Headteacher and lead charity workers
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 12
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 13
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 14
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 15
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 16
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 17
Pictures from Chilenje School, Zambia 18
Picture 1
Picture 1

What is RotaKids...

RotaKids is an exciting way to make friends and get involved with important activities, while having fun.  Ideas cover a wide range from fundraising for charity; improving the school environment as well as the local community and helping the elderly.  Any idea that is positive and strong is great!

RotaKids meet at school every Friday from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.

RotaKids is the youngest members of the Rotary Family, who provide a unique opportunity for Rotarians, schools and young people to work together.  Remember, RotaKids believe that achievement, peace and fun go hand in hand!






smileyTo be FAIR to allsmiley

smileyTo SERVE my communitysmiley

smileyTo show RESPECT for otherssmiley


Like to find out more?

for further details about RotaKids visit:


RotaKids Clubites


























I Am Who I Am - Special and Unique - I am a RotaKid!

Picture 1 Year 3
Picture 1 Year 4
Picture 1 Year 5
Picture 2 Year 6

Ryvers RotaKids Officers

                                                                                                      Ryvers RotaKids Officers 1 2016 to 2017 Officers

We promise to be FAIR; to SERVE and to RESPECT

The RotaKids Speak: What Makes Ryvers Great!

Informing the Board of Governors

Mural designed by RotaKids - Painted by them with the help and supervison of adults with the expertise - WELL DONE RotaKids! (2015 - 2016)

Local Rotary of Langley Club Member (Angela) receiving flowers from the boys on behalf of Ryvers RotaKids -THANK YOU for supporting us! You are amazing!

End Polo Now! We Received Thanks Stay Calm and Put an End to It

2015 - 2016

We are the Ryvers RotaKids!

Our pledge is :  

" As a RotaKid, I endeavour to be fair to all

to serve my community

and to show respect to others."


The Rotary family consists of Rotary, Rotoract, Interact and of course, RotaKids! RotaKids is a program designed for primary aged pupils to engage with the Rotary family. RotaKids are the youngest members of the Rotary family.


Meet the RotaKids September 2015 - August 2016

What we have to say about RotaKids.

"We learn more in the RotaKids club, which is an excellent place to be for an hour each Monday!  The activities are amazing! "Frankie  2015 - 2016

"I love RotaKids and I enjoy the activities we do every week." Miracle  2015 - 2017

Club Assistant Secretary

" RotaKids Club has loads of fun activities, e.g. gardening." Khaleel 2015 - 2016

"RotaKids has changed my school life and I find it very enjoyable.  The activities make RotaKids – ROTAKIDS!"

Reece  2015 - 2016

"I love RotaKids!  We get to help others and I am looking forward to being linked to a Zambian school.  We also help ‘Save the Children’ and the elderly in our local community."Khalid   2015 - 2016

"RotaKids is the BEST, because it’s packed with lots of activities!  My favourite is going to cooking and I would really like to be in touch with a school in Zambia." Ayaan  2015 - 2017 Club Secretary

 "I love and enjoy RotaKids because we have lots of things to do.  Also, help all around the world. "Abdul 

2015 - 2017 Club President

"Helping the community is one of the reasons I like RotaKids and it boosts my confidence level!" 

Kyle  2015 - 2016

"I enjoy RotaKids, because I make other connections globally and give care to others." Benyamin

(Graduated-Immediate Past Secretary)

"I like RotaKids, because we talk about forthcoming events, which I find suspenseful as well as interesting!  I go in another world when we discuss about assemblies.  RotaKids help me to make more friends." Rohan 

(Graduated-Immediate Past Vice President)

"I enjoy being a part of the Ryvers RotaKids Club, because it helps build my leadership skills as well as my confidence.  I get to assist the community and make new acquaintances.  Making powerpoints for the assemblies is one of the many activities I enjoy and selling items to gain money for charity!" Sida 

(Graduated - Immediate Past President)


What do RotaKids do at Ryvers?

  • Rotakids have a formal meeting every Friday which is convened by our President and Secretary, but supervised by Mrs White, who is the teacher in responsible for the running of the Club.
  • Each week we have an agenda and take minutes. Sometimes we have to correct the minutes!
  • We always recap previous meetings.
  • We discuss forthcoming events and prepare for them.
  • We try to think of ways we can support charities and our community.
  • We have an annual agenda in place which includes a wide range of fun activities, such as question time with the Prime Minister and making links with the international community which includes a school in Zambia - Chilenje Primary.

This is a picture by Sida and Benyamin to help you understand more about RotaKids.

Picture 1

RotaKids did a special assembly for Ryvers. Here is the information they shared with the school 2015 - 2016.

  • Ryvers Primary School,
  • Trelawney Avenue,
  • Slough,
  • Berkshire,
  • SL3 7TS