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Sir Walter Raleigh 

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Sir Walter Raleigh was an adventurer and a writer. He established England’s first colonies in North America. He was named ‘Virginia’ after Queen Elizabeth I and he is known for the start of Britain’s massive overseas empire. He is usually more remembered for introducing England to potatoes! 

Head of House Raleigh - Miss Katie Taylor 

Raleigh House Captains 

Muhammed-Nazim and Rhea 



This week’s shining stars

w/c Monday 18th May 2020 

Affan – 2 Loris - Again top of TTRS leader board - 10 House points - Well done! (You are also second place on to the Numbots leader board too, 5 house points, super. Keep up the hard work!)

Aiza – R Squirrell - Mrs Walls has awarded Aiza 45 house points for all her hard work! Aiza has been uploading all of her activities onto Tapestry. She has made many fun videos! Aiza has seized all challenges and responded with excitement and determination! I was very impressed with her imaginative story telling! Aiza had lots of fun being creative and made a beautiful worry wand that she can use to 'magic all of her worries away'. What a wonderful idea! I think we all could do with one of these from time to time. You are a true shining star , Aiza! Keep up the fantastic work!

Madiha – 6 Ruru – Miss Taylor has awarded Madiha with 25 house points for signing up to become an Active Mover Ambassador! Well done!

Vishnu – 4 Rhino -This week, Ms Keila would like to give her shining star to Vishnu in Raleigh house. He has 30 house points and always sends in work to me every week. Sometimes completing it neatly on paper and now using technology. Here is a copy of his plan and final story.



Bhavana - 6 Firefly (Mrs White Maths Set)- Bhavana has won an amazing 200 house points for outstanding Nrich Maths Activity. She has completed a range of problem solving activities, using pictorials and written statements to compliment her images.  Although receiving assistance with one of them, she honestly declared it and did not take the credit for the one with which she received help.  Well done Bhavana!


Umar – 1 Monkey – 20 house points for making a fantastic Eid card for his friend!

w/c Monday 11th May 2020 

Zoya – 1 Monkey – Zoya lost her first tooth, she was keen to share her picture with Mrs Dighorker. 10 house points!

Roop – 2 Loris -  Roop is this week's shining star. He has been sending in work each week, completing his My Maths homework and using Numbots. This week he has sent in Instructions for making Toast and a photo of the Fruit Salad he made fantastic 20 House Points. Ms Symes and Mrs Lawrence are very pleased you are working so hard at home, excellent (see Year 2 Gallery for Roop's instructions and Fruit Salad photo).

Anshika – 6 KiwiMrs White’s shining star is Anshika! She has been awarded a massive 100 house points for outstanding My Maths Activity Coverage! She has completed all tasks set, which makes her STAND OUT among the rest!

Alex – 2 Yak A shining star for Alex for his hard work on The Myth of Pandora's Box💭 - 15 house points 🙂

Affan - 2 Loris Affan is the top of TTRS leader board again - 10 House points - Ms Symes and Mrs Lawrence are very proud of you. Great work Affan!  (Now you are second place on to the Numbots leader board too 5 House points, Well done!)

w/c Monday 4th May 2020
Ryan – 3 Elephant – Amazing, 50 house points for fantastic effort with his Home Learning.

Umar – 6 Kiwi – Mrs White’s shining star from her maths set is Umar for extraordinary maths skills application. 50 house points!! Wow!!




Ryan – Reception Badger – Miss Hart has given Ryan 40 house points! This week Ryan enjoyed writing a thank you letter to his favourite superheroes, the Avengers. Ryan, you are wonderful at writing...Miss Hart would love to see more of it!

Sahibveer– 4 Giraffe Sahibveer has been awarded 40 house points for his amazing work! he has done SO much work, and worked very very hard!


Ziva – 2 Loris – 20 house points!! This week Ms Lawrence and Ms Symes have chosen Ziva as shinning star of the week for 2 Loris - she has been working hard at home and having fun she made a video where she has become a weather forecaster on the Television! Great fun - excellent. Watch the video below.

Ziva's Weather Report!

Affan, 2 Loris, in Raleigh is currently top of TTRS leader board - 10 House points - Still at the top WOW! Keep it up Affan Excellent!  (you also got on to the Numbots leader board too 5 House points)

w/c Monday 27th April 2020

Affan (2 Loris) in Raleigh is currently top of TTRS leader board - 10 House points - Keep it up Affan Excellent!

Della – R Squirrel – Mrs Walls shining star for Reception Squirrel for this week goes to Della for being very creative and inquisitive. She has impressed me with making her own binoculars and view finder before she went on a nature walk, taking beautiful pictures of spring flowers. You are a shining star, Della! 30 house points!

Gargee – 3 Elephant – You are a shining star for your amazing work of raising awareness of how to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Aariz – 4 Rhino – 40 house points awarded to you Aariz! You are a shining star for learning a new skill and taking the time and effort to improve your work and send it back to Miss Keila! Well done Aariz.

Sajjan – 6 Kiwi – Mrs Chaudry would like to award you with a shining star as you have not only completed all the homework set but also did a book report AND created a quiz to go with it.

Bhavana - 6 Firefly – Mrs White would like to award you a shining star, in My Maths, for outstanding performance in a wide range of extension activities - ALL branches of Maths.

w/c Monday 20th April 2020

Shriyaditha (1P)  Mrs Patel would like to give Shriyaditha 10 house points and a shining star for completing homework and doing extra arts and crafts.


Affan – 2 Loris- 5 house points for excellent work on a detailed C19 poster (currently in Y2 Gallery) and 10 house points for being top of the Times Tables Rock Stars leader board - Rock Hero – Wow!!

w/c Monday 13th April 2020  

  Maryam M – 2 Yak – 20 house points for sharing her home learning with Mrs Sandhu and Mr Fallon. Here are some pictures of Maryam with her 3D Aquarium made from a tissue box and her story writing from her 'school desk' at home. 


   Cooper – 2 Yak – 20 house points for continuing his reading activities at home. Keep it up Cooper!

  Ziva – 2 Loris – 10 house points for her fantastic Easter activities. These are photos of Ziva’s top tops and her yummy Easter cakes!


w/c Monday 6th April 2020

  Anika from Reception Badger has won 50 House points. She won a writing competition!  Anika independently wrote a very imaginative story all about Benny the Badger who grew lots of vegetables. Well Done Anika, our very first Raleigh Shining Star.0






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