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Sir Walter Raleigh 

Sir Walter Raleigh was an adventurer and a writer. He established England’s first colonies in North America. He was named ‘Virginia’ after Queen Elizabeth I and he is known for the start of Britain’s massive overseas empire. He is usually more remembered for introducing England to potatoes! 

Head of House Raleigh - Miss Katie Taylor 

Raleigh House Captains 

Winnie & Avni 



Raleigh Shining Stars

w/c Monday 1st March 2021

All of Reception Badger Miss Hart is SO proud of all of the work you have been doing over lockdown. Your tapestry posts have made Miss Hart smile, laugh and burst with pride! She is extremely excited to see you all back at school on Monday and can’t watch to catch up and see how much you have all grown J You are all Miss Hart’s Brilliant Badgers…you are all bright shining stars! (shining stars also go out to all of the grown up badgers who helped at home with their remote learning)


All of 1 Tigerfor working so well in online lessons - Super Stars!


Ameya, Yr 1 - for being compassionate towards her peers.


Aashir, Yr 1for being resilient in his handwriting.


ALL OF YEAR 2 (2 Loris, 2 Panda and 2 Yak)a big shining star for each class, for using TEAMS so brilliantly this term!!


ALL of YEAR 3 and PARENTS (3 Elephant, 3 Cheetahs and Lions) - for the hard work and effort you have put in Online Lessons! Huge Well done and Thank you everyone 🙂


     Denisa, Yr 4 - She has worked so hard during home learning. She is always early to log on, willing to answer questions and a happy, smiley face to see every day.  smiley


Safa, Yr 6 for her fabulous lines of poetry!


All of Reception Squirrel - Mrs Walls likes to award again her whole class for shining brightly throughout this very strange and challenging time of remote learning. It has been a pleasure to look at all your wonderful work that you have shared with me on Tapestry during this half-term, and I am so very proud of being your teacher. A special thank you to all Squirrels who shared their talents and great ideas with the rest of the class in their Show and Tell presentations. You put a smile on all our faces! I cannot wait to see you all back at school on Monday and continue our learning journey face to face together. A big 'WHOOSH' and 'ooh la la shower' from Mrs Walls🙂✨
w/c Monday 22nd February 2021 

Alhena, Yr 3for showing resilience and friendship by joining in online lessons from school key work bubble.


Caleb, Yr 6for enthusiastic sentence stacking in English.


Manreet, Yr 6 - for working well in maths.


Yusuf A, Yr 4 for a fantastic and consistent attitude to learning and  his amazing science homework. He was able to plan an investigation with confidence. He can explore, make predictions and evaluate findings in an organised way. Well done and keep it up the good work!


Shaadiya, Yr 1 for joining in on TEAMs.


Jahmari, Yr 1 for continuing to work hard in on-line lessons - super counting in 2s.


w/c Monday 8th February 2021

ALL OF RYVERS STAFF –Every member of staff deserves an extra shiny star! They have all been working REALLY hard to make sure Ryvers still runs as smoothly as possible during lockdown…all with big smiles on their faces! J


Hibbah, Reception for great improvement with her phonics and handwriting.


All of Reception Squirrel class - I am very proud of how well everyone has adapted to the very different teaching and learning routine. It is lovely to see the excitement with which you are tackling the tasks and challenges that we set for you. The work that you are all sharing with me on Tapestry puts a big smile on my face. Well done and keep up the wonderful work Squirrels! You can be so proud of yourselves! A big 'ooh la la shower' for all of you! Best wishes from Mrs Walls.


Peyton, Yr 2 – Mr Fallon has awarded you with this week’s shining star. Great work in your key worker bubble!


Vaniya, Yr 4 - for completing all PE this week and showing so much enthusiasm.


Maryam, Yr 3 for sending us a lovely message and completing all 3 PE activities this week. 


Hassan, Yr 2 – for great writing in English.


Arfeen, Yr 2 – for working hard and completing all the tasks for his afternoon lessons.


Inaaya, Yr 4 - She has shown great determination and dedication.  Her work is of a high standard and we want Inaaya to know how proud we are of her.  Well done!


Haneefah, Yr 3 - for excellent contribution in lessons and for applying the skills taught in her written work.

w/c Monday 1st February 2021

Whole of Year 3- entering the most entries for our Cross Country


Umar, Yr 2for hard work and sending it in when asked - well done.


Yusuf, Yr 4 - for completing the Cross-country event and sending in the photos of hand his sister


Sumayah, Yr 4For completing the Cross-country event and sending in some brilliant photos


Yasir, Yr 1 - for Excellent Reading I using E Collins online 


Shubhdeep, Yr 1 for Excellent Reading I using E Collins online 


Noor, Yr 3 for always being cheerful and for consistently submitting her remote learning work


Fatima, Yr 3 - for always being cheerful and for consistently submitting her remote learning work


Caleb, Yr 6 Mrs White’s Shining Star for this Week (6Tui Maths Set) is Caleb, for great resilience in Math.  It’s a pleasure to teach him, because he knows how to persevere!  You rock, Caleb!


Caleb, Yr 6ANOTHER SHINING STAR! For his contributions in English and for helping Mrs Claridge with Teams.


Raima, Octopus - Raima in Octopus class and bubble 2. Riding on her scooter.

w/c Monday 25th January 2021

Mishal, Yr 2 – for sending in lots of work, reading at home and joining in our online lessons.


Gursahib, Yr 2 - for always trying his best with his tasks.


Sehaj, Octopus – For getting on with his work without a fuss!


Danielle, Yr 6 - for brilliant work finding out about Adolf Hitler.


Kashvi, Yr 6 – for always contributing lots in lessons.


Musa, Reception - for working hard and trying his best.


Lily-May, Yr 2 – For effort, focusing and excellent work 1:1


Roop, Yr 3 - completing the Cross-country event and beating his time and improving every day, Miss Taylor is very proud of him


Della, Yr 1- for each week sending in her dance videos to Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy

w/c 18th January 2021 

Salman, Yr 2Our shining star this week is Salman for sending me so much fantastic work!


ALL of YR 4 (and their teachers) - We are very proud of how well you have been working over the last couple of weeks. Teaching and learning has changed drastically but you have all shown such determination, independence, resilience and great ICT skills when using Teams. Well done and keep up the good work!


Hafsa, Yr 1 - for working so well during online lessons - super 😊


Maryam, Yr 3 - for her and her family in taking part in our PE passport challenge…a massive 100 house points in total!


Zaynah, Yr 2 - for always pushing herself to learn and practise more during maths


Dalia and Daniel, Reception for uploading fantastic posts on tapestry EVERY DAY of their wonderful hard work! They have been smiling, working extremely hard and have shown Miss Hart that they can not only write beautiful full sentences but can be really creative. Miss Hart particularly loved your homemade habitats!


Zara, Reception Mrs Dighorker’s shining star is Zara - for settling in well with her new learning routine and sharing her work on tapestry everyday!


Safiya  Yr 3 - for always being cheerful and for consistently submitting her remote learning work .

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