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Sir Walter Raleigh 

Sir Walter Raleigh was an adventurer and a writer. He established England’s first colonies in North America. He was named ‘Virginia’ after Queen Elizabeth I and he is known for the start of Britain’s massive overseas empire. He is usually more remembered for introducing England to potatoes! 

Head of House Raleigh - Miss Katie Taylor 

Raleigh House Captains 

Winnie & Avni 



Raleigh star's of the week

w/c 7th December 2020 
 Scarlet – For always working hard and being a kind friend.
 Ayaan – For being extremely caring and looking after our new badger J
 Adwita - For beautiful handwriting and taking such care of her work!
  Yusupha – For working hard in all his tasks.
w/c 16th November 2020 
  Kareem - Reception -  For always trying his best and being a kind to everyone.
 Della - Y1 - For super sentences and using key vocabulary in English.
Arshita –Y2 – For fantastic maths work!
Musa - Y3 – For improving his learning attitude in class​ and tryinig hard in all subjects.
Haris - Y3 – For concentrating and helping others in ​group work with Ms Rodell
w/c 23rd November 2020 
  Aiza – Y1 – For super phonics work!
 Aniya – Y2  - For showing good comprehension skills when sharing a book with Mrs Patel​
w/c 30th November 2020
 Anika - Y1 - For using punctuation in her sentances.
 Vedant - Y6 - For always being polite and working brilliantly in maths. 
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