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Mary Kingsley 

In the Victorian times, England was a place where women were expected to stay at home. But Mary Kingsley left Britain to explore West Africa in search of new animals. Kingsley brought back impressive collections for the British museum with one brand new species of fish, a new snake and 8 new insects!

   Head of House Kingsley - Miss Emma Hart

Kingsley House Captains 

Beth & Hashir  




 Kingsley Shining Stars 

w/c Monday 1st March 2021

All of Reception Badger – Miss Hart is SO proud of all of the work you have been doing over lockdown. Your tapestry posts have made Miss Hart smile, laugh and burst with pride! She is extremely excited to see you all back at school on Monday and can’t watch to catch up and see how much you have all grown. You are all Miss Hart’s Brilliant Badgers…you are all bright shining stars! (shining stars also go out to all of the grown up badgers who helped at home with their remote learning)


All of 1 Tiger – for working so well in online lessons - Super Stars!


Mrs Terry – for always helping Miss Hart. Mrs Terry is helpful and kind…what a great example of a shining star for Kingsley!


ALL OF YEAR 2 (2 Loris, 2 Panda and 2 Yak) – a big shining star for each class, for using TEAMS so brilliantly this term!!


Alex, Yr 6 - for massive improvement in spelling test results.


ALL of YEAR 3 and PARENTS (3 Elephant, 3 Cheetahs and Lions) - for the hard work and effort you have put in Online Lessons! Huge Well done and Thank you everyone πŸ™‚


Zoya, yr 6 – for her super knowledge on the Blitz.


All of Reception Squirrel - Mrs Walls likes to award again her whole class for shining brightly throughout this very strange and challenging time of remote learning. It has been a pleasure to look at all your wonderful work that you have shared with me on Tapestry during this half-term, and I am so very proud of being your teacher. A special thank you to all Squirrels who shared their talents and great ideas with the rest of the class in their Show and Tell presentations. You put a smile on all our faces! I cannot wait to see you all back at school on Monday and continue our learning journey face to face together. A big 'WHOOSH' and 'ooh la la shower' from Mrs WallsπŸ™‚βœ¨
w/c Monday 22nd February 2021

Sophia, Yr 3 – for showing resilience and friendship by joining in online lessons from school key work bubble.


Rayan, Yr 2 – for working independently smiley


Zayd, Yr 3 – for showing responsibility by submitting all pieces of work this week.


Arya, Yr 4 - for a keen and enthusiastic approach to home learning.


Ibrahim Yr 1 - for always working hard - super questions for Trixie this week.


Abdullah, Yr 1 - for using Numbots and Nessy regularly.


Azeen, Reception - Mrs Walls has awarded Azeen 190 house points for all her fantastic work this week.  Azeen has been sharing all of her amazing work on Tapestry regularly with me. She loves a challenge and has responded with excitement and determination to all the work that we have set for Reception. You have a great attitude to learning! It is always a pleasure to read your weekend or this week your half-term news and seeing how confidently you apply your phonics knowledge in your written work. Wonderful!  You can be so proud of yourself! Best wishes from Mrs Walls.

w/c Monday 8th February 2021

ALL OF RYVERS STAFF –Every member of staff deserves an extra shiny star! They have all been working REALLY hard to make sure Ryvers still runs as smoothly as possible during lockdown…all with big smiles on their faces! 


Daisha, Yr 6 – for being an enthusiastic dancer and a wonderful dancing instructor!


All of Reception Squirrel class - I am very proud of how well everyone has adapted to the very different teaching and learning routine. It is lovely to see the excitement with which you are tackling the tasks and challenges that we set for you. The work that you are all sharing with me on Tapestry puts a big smile on my face. Well done and keep up the wonderful work Squirrels! You can be so proud of yourselves! A big 'ooh la la shower' for all of you! Best wishes from Mrs Walls.


Umer, Yr 1 – for being a superstar this whole term!


Zoya, Yr 6 (Mrs White’s maths set) – Mrs White has awarded you a shining star for confidently speaking out on the platform, talking us through calculation processes.  Keep it up Zoya!


Zarha, Yr 1 – for being a superstar this whole term!


Arham, Yr 2 - for excellent PE work and writing a lovely poem in English.


Shreya, Yr 4 - for an excellent attitude towards her learning, consistently submitting her remote activity task, sending in Every piece of work that her teacher has asked for. Well done!


Yuvraj, Yr 3 - for making a good effort in his science this week, creating an a-z of science vocabulary.

w/c Monday 1st February 2021

Whole of Year 3- entering the most entries for our Cross Country


Zainah, Yr 3 - for being polite and getting on with her work without a fuss. Well done - keep up the good work!


Zara, Yr 6 – Mrs White’s shining Star (6 Tui English Set) is Zara, putting out great effort to share her views and ideas and working very hard to move to another level.  You are shining, Zara!


Saahim, Reception - for great improvement with his phonics and completing his daily home learning tasks. Also for creating a mini classroom at home with displays to recap his learning. A very useful idea for all!

Earned 185 house points altogether this week for Kingsley house!


Saamir, Reception – Saamir is Squirrel's shining star this week and has been awarded with 120 house points by Mrs Walls. He is always completing the daily home learning tasks and has worked particularly hard in phonics, remembering his robot arms and finger spaces. I am very impressed with the progress that he has made with his reading. Saamir has grown in confidence and is trying more often to give things a go independently. This is wonderful! You can be so proud of yourself, Saamir! Remember, the more we practise something, the easier it will get. Believe in yourself, Saamir! Mrs Walls definitely does!πŸ™‚βœ¨

w/c Monday 25th January 2021


Armina, Yr 2 - for working on Nessy for over ten hours over last week!  Well done!


Daisha, Yr 6 – for some great work in maths and for showing resilience.


Gavy, Yr 4 - for his positive attitude! He is always prompt to online lessons, joins in brilliantly, sends his work on time and has been a real technical help to his teachers. Mr West and I want you to know how much we appreciate you.


Eliza, Yr 3 - for great participation in lessons and for always being punctual and ready to learn.


Vindiv, Yr 3 -  for great participation in lessons and for always being punctual and ready to learn.


Simrah, Reception  for being brave enough to become our first ‘show and tell’ presenter in Badger class! Simrah has been uploading some lovely videos on tapestry that Miss Hart has absolutely LOVED and they never fail to put a smile on her face J It is so important during these strange times that we keep positive and happy…this is what Simrah is doing! A big thumbs up for Simrah…a very bright shining star!

w/c 18th January 2021

 Sultana, Yr 6 - for always being really well organised in online lessons.


Sarah, Yr 6 - for being polite and hard-working in maths lessons.


John, Yr 6 - for being really enthusiastic and offering loads of ideas in online lessons.


ALL of YR 4 (and their teachers) - We are very proud of how well you have been working over the last couple of weeks. Teaching and learning has changed drastically but you have all shown such determination, independence, resilience and great ICT skills when using Teams. Well done and keep up the good work!


Romitha, Yr 1 - for participating in online lessons - well done 😊


Sia, Yr 2 - for joining in our live lessons and having a go at the challenges set. 


Mairah, Reception - Mrs Walls has awarded Mairah 61 house points for all her hard work this week. Mairah has been sharing all of her super work on Tapestry regularly with me. She is happy to seize a challenge and has responded with excitement and determination to all the work that we have set for Reception. You are a wonderful story teller, Mairah. Watching you telling the story so lively, put a big smile on my face. You are a true shining star, Mairah. Keep up the fantastic work!

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