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Mary Kingsley 

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In the Victorian times, England was a place where women were expected to stay at home. But Mary Kingsley left Britain to explore West Africa in search of new animals. Kingsley brought back impressive collections for the British museum with one brand new species of fish, a new snake and 8 new insects!

   Head of House Kingsley - Miss Emma Hart

Kingsley House Captains 

Asri and Ruchira 




This week’s shining stars

w/c Monday 18th May 2020

Viraat – R Badger – 50 house points for Viraat. Miss Hart is always so pleased with your hard work every week. You are a ray of sunshine and complete each challenge and task with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Keep working hard at home, Miss Hart is super proud of you!

Mrs Terry- 25 house points and a Shining Star for helping Miss Taylor with organising the Active Mover AMbassador Programme and becoming one too! 🙂

Ali - 5 Koala - 50 house points for sending in his PE challenges and asking us how many we have managed to do, also completing a Swimming Safe Poster. Miss Taylor would like to award him a Shining Star!

Sindhuja – 3 Elephant – 3 Elephant’s Shining Star is Sindhuja for consistently submitting home learning tasks completed to an exceptional standard! 15 house points!

Gabriel – 5 Koala Mrs Psyllides would like to award Gabriel with a Shining Star this week. Not only did he complete some fantastic reviews but he also shared this picture of all his lockdown reads. A very impressive collection indeed!

Ruchira - 6 Ruru (Mrs White Maths Set) A massive 100 house points has been awarded for outstanding organization and explanation in Nrich Maths Activity. Well done Ruchira!

Arnav - 3 Lion – 25 house points for Arnav’s creative Dodge Corona Game!


Imaan – 2 Panda – 20 house points for writing a written a wonderful poem.



Bubble gum

As sweet as a milkshake,

As chewy as toffee,

Both reasons why I like bubble gum.

As blue as the sky,

As colourful as a rainbow,

Leaves me craving for more.

Makes me feel warm with joy,

I can't get it out of my head,

Bubble gum is the best!

Angelpreet – 2 Panda – 20 house points! Angelpreet has been working really hard on her work every week. Well done!

w/c Monday 11th May 2020 

Remhat – 1 Monkey - Rehmat has been missing school so decided to get dressed in her school uniform. This really helped her do lots of lovely learning with her mum. 10 house points!

David – 5 Dingo – David is Miss Morgan’s shining star for Kingsley, he received 30 house points this week, because of his fantastic attitude towards his learning, that he has been completing at home and sending me each week. Miss Morgan is very proud. 

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From 5 Koala, Mrs Czapla has chosen Hashir- for his amazing effort with his home learning, trying new skills and taking the time and resilience to improve his writing. He has been doing a wide range of activities, including PE, craft, gardening, practising Maths and reading. Superb!
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Emi – 1 Monkey – Miss Taylor would like to award Emi with 15 house points for staying active at home and sending in photos!

Anushka – 3 Lion- 30 house points for her very detailed reporting on VE day, which you can find on the Y3 gallery page!

Ayo – 4 Zebra – Miss Taylor would like to award Ayo with 15 house points. He has been doing workouts at home and he has been brilliant at sending in photos!smiley

Eliza – 2 Yak - A shining star for Eliza for working hard through the learning packs, continuing to read and learn new words and helping her younger brother with his learning too. 15 house points Eliza 🙂

Romitha – Reception Badger – Miss Hart has awarded Romitha 40 house points for all of her hard work! Romitha has been uploading all of her activities onto Tapestry. She has made so many fun videos and has been eager to show everyone her fantastic work! Romitha had lots of fun being creative with her pets and estimating in maths! Keep it up Romitha J

Owais- R Squirrel - Owais is one of Reception Squirrel's shining stars this week and has been awarded 55 house points by Mrs Walls. He has worked particularly hard in phonics and his written work shows the enormous progress that he has made. Owais, you can be so proud of yourself!  Keep up the fantastic work! You are a shining star!

Haniya – Reception Squirrel - Haniya is one of Reception Squirrel's shining star this week and has been awarded 75 house points by Mrs Walls. She has been extremely busy in the last couple of weeks, doing a wide range of activities, including planting her germinated lemon seeds, reading, drawing and addition and subtractions etc. Mrs Walls says ‘I have been particularly impressed with her writing and her neat handwriting!’ Haniya is very self-motivated, always gives her best and loves a challenge. Fantastic! You are a shining star!

w/c Monday 4th May 2020 

Daisha – 5 Dingo – Miss Morgan’s Shining Star this week is Daisha who is in Kingsley and received 40 house points! This is for putting extra effort into all of her work at home and for making Miss Morgan smile J  Here is her poem she wrote about Summer:

Akshaj – 1 Peacock - Mrs Patel would like to nominate Akshaj! She has given him 25 House points for ‘Fantastic writing about Lionel Messi and a recount of his day at school!’

Vibhas – 2 Yak – 10 house points! 2 Yak's shining star this week is Vibhas for writing a lovely appreciative letter and asking some inquisitive questions to those who pick up our recycling


Imaan – 2 Panda – 10 house points for an amazing comparison that has been beautifully written. Well done!

Faris- 4 RhinoThis week Ms Keila’s shining star is Faris! Ms Keila says he is working hard to do all of his home learning, experimenting with making moving vehicles, learning a new language and has produced some great creative work. Keep it up Faris J

w/c Monday 27th April 2020 

Vahin (2 Loris) in Kingsley is currently top of the Numbots leader board - 10 House points - Great work Vahin!

Aadil – 5 Dingo – 30 house points awarded to Aadil, 5 Dingo’s shining star this week! This is his fantastic shape poem about volcanoes!



Zainah – 2 Yak - Our star of the week is Zainah of Kingsley House.  Zainah built and rebuilt her lego castle many times before creating the perfect castle and was then able to describe the different parts. 10 house points!


Aaryn 4-Giraffe Mrs Psyllides would like to nominate Aaryn as a shining star for his amazing Book Reviews and happy smiling face! 60 house points to you!


Sumayah - 2 Loris -  Sumayah is a shining star for this week and has been awarded 30 house points by Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Symes! She has been doing a wide range of activities, including reading and learning new words, planting vegetable, science experiments, baking brownies and PE with Joe Wicks. Fantastic! Sumayah wrote some instructions for planting vegetable seeds and you can see they are growing well. They should taste delicious!

Gavy – 3 Cheetah – Gavy has been awarded 15 house points for his amazing work! He wrote a very detailed description of a fictional animal called a ‘Zooca’. Wow!


w/c Monday 20th April 2020 

Taha (R Badger) 50 house points to Miss Hart's shining star! Taha wrote found some toys at home, then wrote these sentences completely independently. Miss Hart is super proud of his amazing writing and hard work! Keep it up 🙂

Olivia – 2 Loris – 5 house points awarded for some great work on Nessy – Mrs Symes and Mrs Lawrence say ‘super’!

Ruchira – 6 Ruru- A year 6 shining star for writing some brilliant letters about lockdown. 10 house points for Ruchira!

Abdullah – R Squirrel – Mrs Walls would like to nominate Abdullah as a shining star for Squirrel class this week. 20 house points for always making Mrs Walls happy with his daily fantastic posts on Tapestry. Mrs Walls was especially impressed with the detailed picture on the 'World outside our window' learning project and his number work! 

Joshua – 2 Yak – Joshua received 15 house points for sending in some writing about Castles. Mrs Sandhu and Mr Fallon are awarding him 15 house points this week for all the work he has completed. He has also helped his mum write invitations for his sisters online Peppa Pig Party!

Muaaz (2 P)  12 house points awarded for an amazing castle! Muaaz says ‘My castle! It has a moat, drawbridge and battlements’.

Vindiv 2P) – 20 house points for an amazing castle that has taken a whole day to build! 

w/c Monday 13th April 2020

  Lacey R – 2 Loris – 10 house points for all of her super hard work on Nessy. Amazing! Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Symes are super proud.

  Waheguru – R Badger – 5 house points for always making Miss Hart happy with her fantastic posts on Tapestry. Miss Hart especially loved Waheguru’s Easter crafts this week.


  Japjit – 6 Firefly - 20 house points and a special shout out for doing loads of MyMaths.

  Muaz – 2 Panda – 16 house points for sending in lots of work every few days. Here are some pictures of the fantastic work!



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