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Captain James Cook 

Captain James Cook was a skilled navigator and map maker. He set sail from England and mapped many areas and recorded several islands and coastlines on European maps for the first time. He is known for finding the east coast of Australia, the Hawaiian Islands and the first mapping of New Zealand.

Head of House Cook  - Mr Jorge Boddy

Cook House Captains

Hope & Shen 



Cook Shining Stars 

w/c Monday 1st March 2021

All of Reception BadgerMiss Hart is SO proud of all of the work you have been doing over lockdown. Your tapestry posts have made Miss Hart smile, laugh and burst with pride! She is extremely excited to see you all back at school on Monday and can’t watch to catch up and see how much you have all grown. You are all Miss Hart’s Brilliant Badgers…you are all bright shining stars! (shining stars also go out to all of the grown up badgers who helped at home with their remote learning)


All of 1 Tiger - for working so well in online lessons - Super Stars!


Jaden, Yr 1 - for always working hard, logging in on time, answering questions sending work in - fantastic!


Rohan, Yr 1 - for always working hard, logging in on time, answering questions sending work in - fantastic!


Cameron, Yr 6 - for persevering and still working hard this week, even when he's had technical problems.


All of Year 2 (2 Lris, 2 PAnda adn 2 Yak)  a big shining star for each class, for using TEAMS so brilliantly this term!!


Lucie, Bubble 1 for an amazing presentation of her favourite book "The Worst Witch" and a witch costume.


ALL of YEAR 3 and PARENTS (3 Elephant, 3 Cheetahs and Lions) - for the hard work and effort you have put in Online Lessons! Huge Well done and Thank you everyone πŸ™‚


All of Reception Squirrel - Mrs Walls likes to award again her whole class for shining brightly throughout this very strange and challenging time of remote learning. It has been a pleasure to look at all your wonderful work that you have shared with me on Tapestry during this half-term, and I am so very proud of being your teacher. A special thank you to all Squirrels who shared their talents and great ideas with the rest of the class in their Show and Tell presentations. You put a smile on all our faces! I cannot wait to see you all back at school on Monday and continue our learning journey face to face together. A big 'WHOOSH' and 'ooh la la shower' from Mrs WallsπŸ™‚βœ¨

w/c Monday 22nd February 2021


Aisha, ReceptionMiss Hart has awarded Aisha a shining star because she is a special star that wears her smile brightly every day. Aisha always posts her wonderful work on Tapestry with an infectious laugh or smile! Aisha also drew an amazing BADGER all by herself! Miss Hart will definitely be printing it off and displaying it in the classroom J


Mariam, Yr 3 - for showing resilience and friendship by joining in online lessons from school key work bubble.


Desiree, Yr 6 - for her contribution to the class discussion on responsibility, e.g environmental awareness.


Advith, Yr 3 - for his English work on choosing onomatopoeic words to sequence the story.


Usman, Yr 2 - for all his hard work - well done!


Maha, Yr 2 - for working really hard when creating a castle in geography.


Sam, Yr 6for amazing writing.


Anmol, Yr 6for great work in maths. 


Ayat, Yr 4for her hard work and contributions to class work.


Hanvith, Reception - for working hard and showing good attitude to learning.


Ava, Yr 6 - for being super helpful in sharing her IT knowledge (especially with Miss Martin!) πŸ˜‚.
w/c Monday 8th February 2021

ALL OF RYVERS STAFF –Every member of staff deserves an extra shiny star! They have all been working REALLY hard to make sure Ryvers still runs as smoothly as possible during lockdown…all with big smiles on their faces! J


Parinita, ReceptionFor listening to Miss Hart and making the most out of the situation! Pari is still smiling and trying to learn as much as she can while at home during lockdown. Pari uses her whiteboard to teach and learn new sounds. Pari was even confident enough to show off her skills and her special teddy during her very own show and tell. Miss Hart is extremely proud of you and how much you are doing at home! Keep up the good work.


Toju, Yr 6 (Mrs White’s English set) – Mrs White has awarded you with a shining star for producing a great piece of postcard work! Keep it up Toju!


All of Reception Squirrel class - I am very proud of how well everyone has adapted to the very different teaching and learning routine. It is lovely to see the excitement with which you are tackling the tasks and challenges that we set for you. The work that you are all sharing with me on Tapestry puts a big smile on my face. Well done and keep up the wonderful work Squirrels! You can be so proud of yourselves! A big 'ooh la la shower' for all of you! Best wishes from Mrs Walls.


Oliver, YR 6 - for his super science knowledge.


Mahsa, Yr 6 - for her enthusiastic and energetic contributions to English


Julia, Yr 1 - for working hard in live lessons and at home - Fantastic.


Alle, Yr 1 - for working hard in live lessons and at home - Super. 


Eshanjot, Yr 6 - for sending in your video and showing so much enthusiasm.


Lucie, Yr 4Lucie has a fantastic attitude to learning. She has been ready to learn something new every day and has worked hard to practice all her new skills too. Mrs Czapla is very impressed with the progress that she has made with her reading. She is kind to her friends and always has lovely manners too.


Tusheet and Ayaan U, Yr 4 - both boys have a wonderful attitude towards their learning, especially Maths. They are always prompt to online lessons, joins the meeting brilliantly, sends their work on time and have been a real technical help to their teacher. Mrs Czapla wants you to know how much she appreciates you.


Dhiya, Yr 3 – for working really hard and submitting absolutely amazing work in all subjects - Well done - keep up the good work!
w/c Monday 1st February 2021

Whole of Year 3- entering the most entries for our Cross Country


Swastika, Reception – For taking part in Children’s mental health week. Swastika always makes Miss Hart smile but this week, Swastika took the time to think and talk about her feelings!


Shriyaditha, Yr 2 – for amazing work!


Abhi, Yr 2 – for working hard and sending in completed tasks by the deadlines.


Lucie, Yr 4 - Lucie has been an absolute star! She comes in with such a positive attitude and projects that across the entire bubble. She completes her morning schoolwork and all afternoon activities with enthusiasm and a smile. She is a pleasure to have within our key worker bubble. Well done Lucie!


Aniyah, Yr 2 – for always trying her best


Suhaan, Yr 3 - for always having a positive attitude and making such an effort with every single activity set


Eysha, Yr 3 - for her brilliant effort in the Cross Country event, you made Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy very proud.


Bubble 3 - B3 🌟is Eva from Cook!


Liybah, Yr 6 - for some brilliant work in both Maths and English.


Veer, Yr 6 – Mrs Quinton’s star this week is Veer in Cook because he takes enormous pride in his work and presents it beautifully. (The work attached is handwriting practice.)


w/c Monday 25th January 2021

Oliver, YR 6 - Oli is the shining star this week for constantly providing us with entertainment; from discussing how awful the Kardaishans are to his random facts. Thank you for making us smile Oli!


Alyssa, Yr 4 - For demonstrating great enthusiasm towards learning, for always being really well organised, polite and trying her best in every subject. She is a wonderful story teller. Listening to her reading the story with a beautiful expression, put a big smile on every face. Keep up the fantastic work!


Manpaul, Reception - 🌟Mrs Walls has awarded Manpaul 125 house 🏠 points for all his amazing work this week. He has been sharing regularly all of his super work with me on Tapestry. He loves a challenge and gives it all! Manpaul, you are such a performer and great storyteller! You put a smile on my face everytime I watch your videos! Keep the fantastic work up! You can be so proud of yourself! You are a true Shining star 🌟! Best wishes from Mrs Walls


Alyssa, Yr 3 - for her help in solving the TEAMs mystery.


Morhum, Yr 1 -  for each week sending in her dance videos to Miss Taylor and Mr Boddy⭐


Hanvith, Reception - he has been outstanding this week competing in the cross-country event and each day improving on his time, Miss Taylor is extremely proud of his hard work and effort ⭐


Zehra, Yr 1- for completing her dance videos each week and also competing in the cross-country event⭐

w/c 18th January 2021 

Adam, Octopus - Mum has emailed Miss Morton with pictures of his cooking and climbing!


ALL of YR 4 (and their teachers) - We are very proud of how well you have been working over the last couple of weeks. Teaching and learning has changed drastically but you have all shown such determination, independence, resilience and great ICT skills when using Teams. Well done and keep up the good work!


Muhammad, YR 1 - Excellent 'Bob the Bubble' story and poem. Super - you have settled into 1 Monkey so well 😊


Zehra, Yr 1 - for her outstanding effort in PE videos. Miss Taylor has awarded her 100 house points in total in the last few weeks!


Jasmeet, Yr 2 - for working super hard.


Ayaad, Yr 3for always being polite and for working hard in all his tasks. 


Anaya, Yr 3 - for her punctuality and great efforts in her English writing this week.

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