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Captain James Cook 

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Captain James Cook was a skilled navigator and map maker. He set sail from England and mapped many areas and recorded several islands and coastlines on European maps for the first time. He is known for finding the east coast of Australia, the Hawaiian Islands and the first mapping of New Zealand.

Head of House Cook  - Mr Jorge Boddy

Cook House Captains

Hayder and Ariana 



This week’s shining stars

w/c Monday 18th May 2020 

Ayaan – 6K – Miss Taylor has awarded Ayaan with 25 house points for signing up to become an Active Mover Ambassador! Great news!

Mohib – 1 Monkey - You are still top of the Numbots leader board - 10 house points - Excellent work!

Aisha – R Badger – Aisha has been spending a lot of time cooking at home. She has made biscuits, sandwiches, pizza and even a lasagne. Miss Hart asked Aisha to write her a lasagne recipe so she can cook it too! 20 house points to Aisha the Chef!

Ayaad – 2 Yak - Ayaad is a Shining Star as he has been completing a range of activities every week and his cursive handwriting has really improved. He created a healthy shopping list - well done! 10 House points 🙂

Ben – 2 Yak - Ben is our Shining Star as he has been very busy doing a range of activities - as well as completing the home learning pack he has been reading Horrid Henry and having Zoom calls with his grandparents and friends! Here is his painting inspired by Lynn Flavell - Super! 10 house points 🙂


Aarush – 2 Loris - Aarush is this week's shining star. He has been regularly sending in work each week, completing his My Maths homework and using Numbots. This week he has sent in a description of his favourite fruit 'Mango' - have a look on the Y2 Gallery page to see him licking his lips at the thought of eating a mango! Fantastic 20 House Points. Ms Symes and Mrs Lawrence are very pleased - keep up the hard work 😊.

Ayat – 3 Cheetah - 3 Cheetah’s shining star this week is Ayat for sending in lots of work and for working hard at home. It was very nice to talk to you on the phone the other week too. 40 house points.

Kanishka - 5 Platypus – Miss Taylor has awarded Kanishka with 20 house points for doing some yoga sessions and sending in photos.

Hassan - 6 Kiwi – A Shining Star for Hassan for his story Doors - A World of Possibility. He created an intriguing plot which made me really want to keep reading and some great dialogue to convey character and interesting vocabulary choices.

Aishi – 1 Monkey – 20 house points for writing a lovely recipe!

w/c Monday 11th May 2020 

Mohib – 1 Monkey - Mohib did some lovely vegetable printing using bell peppers to create a picture of his lovely poppy field. 10 house points!

Olly – 5 Dingo – Olly is Miss Morgan shining star for Cook, he received 50 house points this week, because of the amazing effort he has been putting into all of his work at home. Miss Morgan says ‘I have been especially impressed with his artwork’

Kenit – 3 Cheetah – 45 house points for sending in all of his work from the last 6 weeks! What a fantastic effort and hard work. Well done J

Zehra – Reception Badger – Miss Taylor would like to award Zehra with 15 house points. Zehra has been staying active with her cosmic yoga and regular Joe Wicks videos!

Gian – 4 Rhino – Ms Keila’s shining star this week is GIAN, he had 30 house points! He has been a star because he is making sure that he is completing his home learning (super neat handwriting and great answers for his science work) and he has regularly logged onto MyMaths. Keep it up. Ms Keila is very pleased with you. JJJ

Sadik – 3 Elephant – Sadik is a shining star for demonstrating superb commitment to his learning and completing tasks set with great enthusiasm. He has also demonstrated how to make a delicious chicken dish this week. 35 house points!

Sophie - 2Panda- Sophie has been awarded 20 house points as she has been working really hard this week. She has made this amazing owl at home!

Arjun – 1 Monkey- Miss Taylor would like to award Arjun with 15 house points. He has been doing Martial Arts, hockey and PE with Joe at home he’s sent some videos and pictures in.

Mohib – 1 Monkey - Well done you are still top of the Numbots leader board - 10 House points  - Super work Mohib!

w/c Monday 4th May 2020 
Bilal – 3 Cheetah - 22 house points for his amazing effort with his home learning and producing a super PowerPoint presentation and VE Day!

Ariyana – 3 Lion – This week, Miss Sian’s shining star for 3 Lion is Ariyana. She sent a short video clip about VE day, which was clear and concise with the information she gave. Her fluency and confidence in reading has improved significantly which I am super proud of! 25 house points well done!smiley


Roop – 2 Panda – 10 house points for making a lovely ornament for the NHS at beavers club!


Alfie – R Badger Miss Hart has awarded Alfie with 50 house points! Alfie has recently started uploading his wonderful work onto Tapestry. Alfie has been working really hard at home so Miss Hart set him a challenge to add his toys together…He did it! Keep up the great work Alfie!

Mohib H, 1 Monkey, in Cook is currently top of the Numbots leader board - 10 House points - Great work Mohib!

w/c Monday 27th April 2020

Morhum – R Badger is a maths magical mastermind! Miss Hart is so proud! This deserves a shining star and 30 house points! Morhum has been counting in 2s, 5s, 10s…AND 3s AND 4s! 



Kye – 2 Panda - This week Kye has been busy learning about the Solar System. He has built a Solar System of his own. Looks amazing Kye!! 20 Cook House points awarded for this fantastic work!

Toby – 3 Lion - You are a shining star for wonderful work and keeping motivated to complete your home learning tasks.

Adam – Octopus – Miss Taylor has awarded Adam with 100 house points for his fantastic work! Adam completed an obstacle course at home for PE and sent in a video.

w/c Monday 20th April 2020 

Roop (2P) A special mention for Roop who has been awarded 20 house points for working really hard with all his work and for completing all of his My Maths tasks.

Dhevan (4R) Dhevan is 4R’s shining star this week. He has been busy supporting the NHS by creating some beautiful window art, making his Tudor house and completing written tasks set in English, Maths and Science.

Adam - Octopus 10 house points for being the first pupil in Ryvers School to use Numbots and Adam is Top of the leader board -  congratulations to Adam.




w/c Monday 13th April 2020 

  Isla – 4 Rhino – 10 House points for being the first one to send Ms Keila her wonderful work. Ms Keila says well done!



  Zehra – R Badger – 10 house points for this beautiful artwork called ‘Rainbow of Hope’. Zehra and her family had a discussion about the word ‘hope’ and what it means. This most definitely put a smile on Miss Hart’s face.

  Ayan R – 6 Kiwi - 10 house points and a special shout out for doing some extra MyMaths.0

  Isha P – 6 Ruru – 50 house points and an extra special shout out for Isha who wrote a fantastic persuasive letter to Mr Rowe persuading him not to cancel break for UKS2. She made some strong arguments and used a great range of higher level punctuation. Well done!
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