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Behaviour: Good to be Green, Great to be Gold & Golden Rules

Ryvers' Golden Rules:


We are gentle;

We are kind and helpful;

We listen;

We are honest;

We work hard;

We look after property. 



This half terms Good To Be Green reward was a reptile encounter.

Pupils in KS1  and in KS2 who stayed green had the opportunity to meet and hold reptiles that you would find in rainforests, jungles, swamps and deserts.

Berkshire Reptile Encounters came to Ryvers with a host of reptiles. They included corn snakes, pythons, turtles, skinks, bearded dragons and a tagu.

Here are some pictures of our pupils who stayed green being very brave with the reptiles









Dear Parents/Carers

As some of you may be aware, Ryvers school follows a behaviour system called ‘It’s Good to Be Green’. The system is based upon rules, rewards and consequences. Children who follow the rules will receive rewards and those that choose to break the rules will receive consequences for their actions.

Classes in Year 1-6 at Ryvers already follow the system and, after half term, it will be implemented in the Reception classes.

It is vitally important that we all work together to implement the new system (for Reception classes)  and we are sure that we can count on your support. We all are working for the same goal, which is the best possible outcomes for your child, academically, socially and emotionally.

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  • Trelawney Avenue,
  • Slough,
  • Berkshire,
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