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At Ryvers School we provide a positive, caring environment, that ensures every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in Art and Design.  We believe that every child within our school should have full access to Art and Design as laid down in the National Curriculum regardless of age, gender or ability. We seek to ensure that our teaching reflects the current guidance to schools, which emphasises the particular importance of designing and making. 

What is Art? Why is it important?

Why is art important? Why teach the visual arts to your children?

Art counts, that's why!

The visual arts offer your child a whole new perspective!

Art is about more than pretty pictures. The visual arts will teach your children to think outside of the box, to become problem solvers.  Not every child will grow up to be an artist, of course! But, every child can be taught to appreciate the beauty around them single day!


The Design Process for Students - Design and Technology

Watch this fun and informative video which goes through the 5 steps of the design process.


Here are some links to a YouTube channel called 'The Primary Art Class'. Each week there is a short lesson that you can do at home. There are some really fantastic ideas on here and I would love it if you could send me a photograph of your pictures or sculptures to and put 'To Mrs West - Art' in the subject line so I know it's for me.  I will display them on the gallery pages and award house points (so let me know your name, year group and house too). 


Some activities for you to try at home...


Useful ART and D.T. web links for you to access


There are lots of fun activities for you to try. Have a look at some of these websites for more ideas.


TTS an arts supply company have released these free home learning packs for the early years, KS1 and KS2...


Getting children involved with cooking allows for lots of learning opportunities linked to Maths, PSHE, English and Science.


If you fancy getting creative try out the DT home learning activities on Twinkl. Subscription is free at this time for all families!


 This website is good for research and giving children opportunities for real life problems in DT. It is suitable for KS2 (7-11).


These are just suggested ideas; you may have an idea of your own you want to try out!


If you want to share your work with your teacher, take a photograph and send to the year group homework page!

It might even get onto the website if you ask your teacher nicely! smiley


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