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Alfie & Jurgen's adventures around school

 Alfie supporting Children in Need in 2019 



 Alfie meeting Donna & Blitzen when they came to visit Ryvers last Christmas  


heart   Alfie sitting for his professional school photo   heart



 Alfie guarding all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts 

  Alfie playing in the autumn leaves 



   Alfie & Jurgen waiting to get in the school office for some treats 


 Mr McAleer and Alfie playing on the filed 


  Jurgen meeting some of last year's Year 6's when they came in to collect their Leavers Hoodies  





 Jurgen being a good boy and having his picture taken with Mrs Vara on Reception 


  Alfie looking very handsome 



  Wendy, one of our supply teachers just loves playing with Alfie and Jurgen, Alfie and Jurgen love it too  


 Alfie and Jurgen just chilling at the school office door 


  Jurgen trying to get in the school office for some treats  


   Alfie and Jurgen waiting for more treats  



 Jurgen trying to escape down to Year 3 


 Jurgen asleep behind Mrs Terry's desk 


  Jurgen looking very handsome 


 Red really is his colour 


Jurgen hoping for more treats 


  Can I have another treat please Mrs Terry? 

 Jurgen hiding under Mrs Osborne's desk 



  Alfie being a good boy 


 Jurgen wanting to join in with the Year 5 Dodge Ball PE class 

   Miss Furnell and Jurgen having a fun five minutes  


  Jurgen waiting patiently outside the Finance office to see Mrs Carter  

 Alfie and Jurgen are happy to be back at school after Autumn 2020 half term 



 We missed your treats Mrs Terry 



  Juregn helping Mrs Vara with the filing 


  Jurgen being a good boy for Mr Locke and waiting for a treat 

 Jurgen supporting Children in Need 2020 


  Alfie and Jurgen playing nicely 


  Alfie enjoyed his treats  


 New school photo for Alfie & Jurgen, how cute do they look heart 

 heart Jurgen's new school photo heart 

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